Client experience

Creating better experiences and outcomes for our Clients 

Today’s consumers want fast, convenient and friendly service, and a company that makes them feel valued. They want options that enable them to interact with companies in the most efficient way at any given time.

Our approach

We aspire to meet Clients’ evolving expectations by putting them at the centre of everything we do. We’re building a better, more inclusive organization focused on consistently providing great service experiences. We aim to do this through convenient processes, fair and quick handling of complaints, and friendly, easy-to-understand communication. We’re working to support each Client’s financial security and health management goals, too. We discuss our efforts in these areas in the Financial Security and Client Health sections.

We are both increasing and personalizing our Client outreach in ways that make the most sense to each Client. That could be through an advisor, in person, or by phone, videoconference, email, digital apps, text or social media.

We’ve also made substantial improvements in the way we communicate with Clients. Since 2016, we have worked to apply plain language principles across our business, from our prospectuses to our Client forms and letters. Plain language is our priority because we want Clients to easily understand our materials, plans and products. We want to help empower them to make the right choices by offering the clear, concise information they need. To learn more, refer to our case study, “Words Matter”.

The fair treatment of Clients is an integral part of our ethical culture. We, and our third-party representatives, are committed to keeping Clients top of mind when designing, marketing, selling and delivering our products and services. We all have a responsibility to consider our Clients’ interests in all stages of the product life cycle and to ensure our products and services provide fair value to them.

Our compensation, commission and incentive structures help encourage good sales practices.

We strive to communicate in ways everyone can understand and in ways that aren’t misleading. We want people to know the key facts (including benefits, risks and costs) about our products and services, so they can choose what’s best for their needs. 

We take Client concerns and complaints seriously. They are opportunities for us to learn and improve, so we get things right, and create positive experiences.

Across Sun Life, we have clear channels and processes to receive, track and address concerns and complaints. For example, in Canada, our goal is to resolve Client problems within our problem resolution teams. When this isn’t possible, our Client Advocacy team works with Clients and our internal problem resolution teams. Our social media team also tracks online comments and facilitates responses to Clients within one business day. 

We measure our success in delivering a great Client experience through several metrics, including:

  • Client experience index: This index measures a Client’s overall experience from all their interactions with us.
  • Business performance outcomes: At the beginning of the year, each business is responsible for identifying and committing to measurable Client outcomes. This emphasis on outcomes ensures a strong focus on service delivery.

These two factors make up 25% of our annual incentive compensation. We also monitor Client join-and-leave rates, complaints and problem resolution results.

We also strive to capture Client feedback at specific moments and points of contact. This ‘event-based listening’ helps us get input about Client experiences during onboarding, insurance or plan renewals, call centre interactions, and other engagements with Sun Life representatives or services.

2022 highlights

  • Enhanced our digital and operational capabilities to improve service quality and ease of doing business with Sun Life
  • Continued to provide more simplified, plain language information and tools for our Clients worldwide
  • Continued to streamline service logistics and expand distribution channels across Asia

Learn more about our progress and performance in our 2022 Sustainability Report and ESG Performance Tables.

Client Advocacy: Improving our inclusivity practices

When our Client, Diego, reached out to us with an issue they had been facing for several years, we realized we have work to do when it comes to improving our inclusivity practices.

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Sun Life U.S. received the Alida Delta Award in recognition of its top-tier Client experience initiatives. The award recognized two ongoing Client engagement and research programs, which enable brokers and employers to provide direct, immediate feedback on a range of topics.