Healthier lives

Healthier lives

We aspire to improve health and wellness outcomes for all.

Healthier lives

We aspire to improve health and wellness outcomes for all.

We offer our Clients and employees products and tools to help them live healthier lives. We’re also improving access to insurance and investing in community health and thought leadership.

Priority Sustainable Development Goal: #3 Good health and well-being.

Healthier lives: Material topics

As a company that offers life, health and disability insurance, we know good health is central to overall well-being. We see first-hand the effect that access to health services and support tools has on Client health, including mental wellness. Learn more about how we’re helping Clients live healthier lives

Supporting employee wellness has never been more important. Mental health risks, resignations and workforce burnout are among the growing challenges companies face. Learn more about how we’re maintaining a healthy workforce

Our philanthropic investments reflect Sun Life’s commitment to helping people live healthier lives. We’re aiming to improve their physical health, mental health, and overall well-being. Learn more about our community wellness efforts


  • Help Clients take positive health actions. We are working towards setting a target.

    On track – 378,000 positive health actions taken by Clients in Canada in 2021 after a nudge from our digital coach, Ella

  • Address regional health issues (e.g., mental health in Canada)

    On track – Introduced new resources to support the mental health of Clients (e.g. our online Mental Health Coach for group benefits Clients in Canada)

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