Sustainability plan

2020 Sustainability Report

Our commitment to sustainability brings our Purpose to life. In this report, you can read about our sustainability approach and progress in 2020.

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2020 Sustainability Report

Our commitment to sustainability brings our Purpose to life. In this report, you can read about our sustainability approach and progress in 2020.

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Advancing sustainability is a core strategic priority that supports our Purpose to help Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. We aspire to lead the global financial industry in helping to create a cleaner, more inclusive and more sustainable future. Our commitment to lead responds to global challenges and an increasing public desire for corporations to support sustainability. Strong sustainability initiatives and practices are crucial for business longevity and better outcomes for all.

Messages from our leaders

Dean A. Connor
President & Chief Executive Officer

The pandemic, Black Lives Matter and severe weather events cast a light on society's vulnerabilities, including access to health care, social unrest, systemic racism, diversity and inclusion, and climate change.  As a global industry leader, Sun Life has the responsibility and ability to create meaningful change in these areas. This has meant further embedding sustainability as a critical part of our business strategy.

Melissa J. Kennedy
Executive Vice-President, Chief Legal Officer & Public Affairs and Executive Sponsor of Sustainability

We’ve taken measured steps to embed sustainable practices into our  everyday business operations, leading to meaningful outcomes. We hope our actions inspire others to create a cleaner, equitable and more sustainable future.


Our sustainability plan

Sustainability is a strategic priority for Sun Life and is essential to our business success. We want to contribute to a healthier, more financially resilient, environmentally secure and economically prosperous world. Our sustainability plan focuses on our areas of expertise where we can have the most positive social and environmental impact: 1) increasing financial security, 2) fostering healthier lives, and 3) advancing sustainable investing. These efforts build from our foundation as a trusted and responsible business.

Pillars of our sustainability plan

Financial security

We’re increasing financial security through innovative products, proactive education and improved access for underserved groups.

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Healthier lives

We offer our Clients and employees products and tools to help them live healthier lives. We’re also improving access to insurance and investing in community health and thought leadership.

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Sustainable investing

We manage capital with sustainability embedded in our investment processes and invest our assets to support the transition to a low-carbon and more inclusive economy.

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Our sustainability plan builds from our foundation:

Trusted and responsible business

We commit to being a responsibly-managed business that is Client-focused, competitive, forward-thinking, financially and environmentally resilient, and sustainable for the long term.

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Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Through our sustainability plan, we focus our support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the five where we believe we can have the greatest influence and impact. These are:

#3 Good health & well-being
#5 Gender equality
#7 Affordable and clean energy
#8 Decent work and economic growth
#13 Climate action

Featured: New residential community for affordable housing

Sun Life and The Daniels Corporation signed a public-private partnership agreement with WoodGreen Community Services and the City of Toronto to integrate long-term, affordable, rental living for single mothers in their newest multi-family residential development. This innovative model helps to address Toronto’s high need for affordable housing and improve the wellbeing of people and communities where we live and work.

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