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Views from our CEO

"We’ve made strides in tackling some of the most pressing environmental and social issues, while adding value to our business, and moving full steam ahead on our sustainability plans."

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In conversation with our CSO

"As Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), I’m inspired by the opportunity to bring sustainability to life in everything we do. It’s an exciting time for sustainability at Sun Life!"

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Sustainability Report – 2021 Performance

How we performed in 2021, including our actions to build a more sustainable future

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Explore our sustainability pillars

Financial security

We’re increasing financial security through innovative products and services, proactive education and improved access to and use of insurance and wealth products. 

Healthier lives

We offer our Clients and employees products and tools to help them live healthier lives. We’re also improving access to insurance and investing in community health and thought leadership.

Sustainable investing

We manage capital with sustainability embedded in our investment processes and invest our assets to support the transition to a low-carbon and more inclusive economy.

Trusted and responsible business

We aspire to be a responsibly-managed business that is Client-focused, competitive, forward-thinking, financially and environmentally resilient, and sustainable for the long term. From tackling the climate crisis to expanding our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, we keep raising the bar for ourselves, building on our long standing sustainability practices and achievements. 

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Our stories of impact

Net zero by 2050: Taking action to stay within 1.5°C

2021 was a pivotal year for climate action, with the Glasgow Climate Pact reached by nearly 200 nations. At Sun Life, we announced our own ambitious new goal: to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Spotlight on inclusion: An opportunity and an obligation to do more

The devastating racial injustices we witnessed in 2020 proved to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations around racism, bias and equity. As an employer, we took a deep look at ourselves and decided to make changes. 

Helping Clients navigate the health-care journey

Finding and accessing the right health care can be a daunting task. Sun Life’s new Health Navigator powered by PinnacleCare makes it easier by giving Clients one-on-one support and guidance.