International leadership team

The international leadership team is comprised of talented senior leaders responsible for managing Sun Life’s businesses around the world.

Kevin D. Strain*
President & Chief Executive Officer

Linda Dougherty*
Executive Vice-President, Corporate Strategy & Global Marketing

Melissa J. Kennedy*
Executive Vice-President, Chief Legal Officer & Public Affairs

Tom Murphy*
Executive Vice-President & Chief Risk Officer

Helena Pagano*
Executive Vice-President, Chief Human Resources & Communications Officer

Manjit Singh*
Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer 

Chris Wei*
Executive Vice-President, Chief Client and Innovation Officer

Larry Madge
SVP, Financial & Insurance Risk Management 

Remi Benoit
Senior Vice-President, Tax

Yaniv Bitton
Vice-President, Head of Investor Relations & Capital Markets

Alanna Boyd
Senior Vice-President and Chief Sustainability Officer

Natalie Brady
Senior Vice-President of Strategic Finance Initiatives

Patricia (Trish) Callon
Senior Vice-President & General Counsel, Corporate

Leigh Chalmers
Senior Vice-President, Head of Corporate Finance and Capital Management

Julie O’Neill
Senior Vice-President, Enterprise and Operational Risk Management

Aishling Cullen
Vice-President, Corporate Communications

David Garg
Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development

Brennan Kennedy
Senior Vice-President, Global Asset Liability Management

Troy Krushel
Vice-President, Associate General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Kevin Morrissey
Senior Vice-President and Chief Actuary

Shelley Peterson
Senior Vice-President, Total Rewards

Patrick Romain
Senior Vice-President, Chief Credit Risk Officer

Kent Savage
Senior Vice-President and Chief Compliance Officer

Samiha Sachedina
Senior Vice-President and Chief Auditor

Emily Schur
Senior Vice-President, Global Talent

Laura Money
Executive Vice-President, Chief Information and Technology Innovation Officer

Direct Reports:

Dominique Mailloux, SVP
Digital Transformation

Allan Porter, SVP
Chief Technology Officer

Abhay Raman, SVP
Chief Information Security Officer

Tarun Sareen
Managing Director, Asia Service Centres

Dariush Shoja, VP
Corporate Application Solutions

Dual-Solid Line Reporting Reports

Maya Beri, Senior Managing Director
Head of SLC Management Technology

David Rackus, SVP
Canadian IT

Paula Bartgis, SVP & CIO
Sun Life US

Cassandra White, President
Digital Enterprise Asia

Jacques Goulet*
President, Sun Life Financial Canada

Rowena Chan
President, Sun Life Financial Distributors (Canada) Inc., Senior Vice-President, Distribution & Insurance Solutions

Robert Dumas
President & Chief Executive Officer, Sun Life Financial Quebec

Alexandre Guertin
Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Dave Jones
President, Sun Life Health

Wiktoria Kagan
Assistant Vice-President, Strategy and Planning, Office of the President

Jacynthe Alain
Assistant Vice-President, Strategy and Planning, Office of the President

Cheryl Mallet
Senior Vice-President Operations 

Eric Monteiro
Senior Vice-President, Group Retirement Services

Sylvia Moretti
Senior Vice-President, Human Resources

David Rackus
Senior Vice-President, Application Services

Thomas G. Reid
Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Growth

Mike Schofield
Senior Vice-President, Chief Actuary and Chief Risk Officer

Oricia Smith
President and Senior Vice-President, Investment Solutions, Sun Life

Daniel R. Fishbein*
President, Sun Life U.S.

Scott F. Beliveau
President, FullscopeRMS, Senior Vice-President, Individual Insurance, Sun Life U.S.

Scott M. Davis
Senior Vice-President & General Counsel

Neil L. Haynes
Senior Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer 

David J. Healy
Senior Vice-President, Group Benefits

Kevin Krzeminski
Senior Vice-President, National Accounts 

Steve Pollock
President, DentaQuest

Renee Shiller
Vice President & Chief Risk Officer

Jen Collier
Senior Vice President, Stop-Loss & Health

Paula Bartgis
Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Phil Malek
Vice-President, Strategy & Business Development

Edmund F. Milano
Vice-President, Marketing

Tammi Wortham
Senior Vice-President, Human Resources

Ingrid Johnson*
President, Sun Life Asia 

Sandeep Asthana
Vice-President & Country Head, India

Karim Gilani
President, Greater China, Singapore and International High Net Worth

Lucy Chou
Chief Risk Officer

Kim Yeoh
Chief Financial Officer, Sun Life Asia 

Raymond Lew
Chief Executive Officer, Sun Life Malaysia

Luc Nhon Ly
Chief Executive Officer, Sun Life Vietnam

Gavin Sinclair
General Counsel and Head of Strategic Investment

Jay Sala
Head of Strategy, Investment Management & Client Impact, Asia

Benedicto C. Sison
Chief Executive Officer and Country Head, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.

Elin Waty
President Director, Sun Life Financial Indonesia

Merianna Lok
Interim Chief HR & Communications Officer, Asia

Maaike van Meer
Chief Compliance Officer, Asia  

Katherine Garner
Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Shanahan 
Chief Risk Officer

Gareth Baynham
Head of Operations

Fleur Hobbs
Head of Legal and Company Secretary

Emma Butao
Assistant Vice President, Internal Audit

Fran Maclachlan
Chief Financial Officer

Julian Reynolds
Chief Actuary

Stephen (Steve) C. Peacher*
President, SLC Management

Randy Brown
Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Head of Insurance Asset Management 

Eugene J. Lundrigan
President, SLC Management Canada

Amy DeAngelo
Head of Human Resources, SLC Management

Anna Murray
Managing Director, Global Head of ESG, SLC Management

Marlene Van den Hoogen
Senior Managing Director, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, SLC Management

Joe Hanlon
Senior Managing Director & Chief Compliance Officer, SLC Management

Michael W. Roberge

Chief Executive Officer, President and Executive Chairman

MFS Investment Management Canada Limited

Christine Girvan
Chief Executive Officer

*Member of the Executive team