As Dallas hung up the phone at the end of a call with our Client, Abraham, she knew he needed our help. He couldn’t afford to make his life insurance premium payments. He was in his seventies. His spouse was laid off and he was working reduced hours because of the pandemic. He was worried.

Not knowing where to turn, Abraham called us. He reached Dallas who put herself in our Client’s shoes. How would she feel in his situation? She knew she had to do something, or Abraham would lose his coverage right when he needed it most.

When the pandemic started in 2020, we offered our Clients temporary relief by deferring their premium payments. Because of Abraham’s financial situation, we spread his repayment period over 12 months instead of the usual three. When his spouse went back to work, Abraham started to repay us. He made regular payments for half a year. Then came the next wave of the pandemic. Once again, Abraham couldn’t afford his payments.

Dallas reviewed his situation and could see that, like many people, he was struggling to make ends meet. Dallas demonstrated care by going the extra mile. We gave him an additional three-month deferral. Then we again spread out his repayments over another 12 months instead of three. This way, Abraham could keep his insurance and not have to worry about losing his coverage.

When Dallas phoned Abraham to give him the good news, he was so thankful he broke down crying. “It’s nice to see a company truly cares,” he said. “I will never forget what you have done for me.”

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