The gig marketplace gives employees the opportunity to work with teams across Sun Life on short-term projects, regardless of their location or employee level. This provides them with an opportunity to gain new skills and experience – putting employees in the driver’s seat of their own career. These projects are completed alongside their day to day role, capitalizing on the normal ebb and flow of work. The system also proactively recommends new opportunities for employees to look through that match their skill set. By offering diverse, experiential opportunities outside of an employee’s day-to-day role, we believe they will stay motivated and engaged – ultimately helping us retain our talent.

Since launch in October 2020, we have rolled out the initiative to over 6,000 employees. That includes our most recent launches to groups in Sun Life Canada and the U.S. This online talent marketplace has enabled teams to cut the time it takes to search for talent. Instead of months, it now takes mere days. Leaders and employees are now able to expand their internal talent networks in areas they might not have thought of before. 

Feedback from employee participant: 

“So far I’ve been able to gain skills outside of my regular role. I have a better understanding of the work that is done in my gig host’s world. My gig host has been able to provide me with some real-time feedback on my performance. That has been tremendously helpful in my development.” 

Feedback from leader (gig host): 

“My team needed extra hands on deck to help organize a large leadership event. We quickly found someone through Sun Life’s new internal talent marketplace. Our gig participant went above-and-beyond, managing the required tasks to ensure our event was a resounding success. I'd highly recommend that leaders take advantage of this valuable talent hub. It’s a win-win.”