We wanted to address diversity much more than we ever had before. One way we did this in our U.S. business was by creating Allies Acting for Change (AAC). This internal network of diverse employees operates as an extension of our senior leadership, to go beyond admitting our shortcomings to making real, sustainable progress.

Leaders and employees from across Sun Life U.S. supported the AAC’s efforts. With this support, the AAC quickly collected data, examined causes, formed a plan and began to carry out action formed around four major themes:

  • Enhancing the manager-employee relationship
  • Redesigning our recruitment processes
  • Building meaningful networks within the company
  • Leveraging and publishing data

The group’s actions have resulted in increased diversity of new candidates and the development of clear performance expectations for inclusive, anti-racist behaviors of people leaders and all employees.

Scott Davis
SVP, General Counsel, Sun Life U.S. and member of Allies Acting for Change

“The members of AAC are extremely energized and determined to help transform our company and the communities around us. We are committed to taking this journey, no matter how difficult.”

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