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Here you’ll find dividend information, FAQs and transfer agent contact information to help you manage your investment in Sun Life.

Dividend information

Read frequently asked questions about common share dividends, preferred shares, and tax information. You can also see our dividend history and use our dividend calculator.

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Shareholder contacts

Have questions about your shareholder account? See contact information for transfer agents worldwide and answers to frequently asked questions about your shareholder account.

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Canadian Dividend Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan

With this plan, share certificate holders and share account participants who live in Canada can automatically reinvest cash dividends paid on their common shares and purchase additional shares.

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Unclaimed asset programs

Sun Life Financial Inc. is actively looking for lost policyholders and shareholders to unify them with their unclaimed assets.

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Shareholder privacy policy

At Sun Life Financial, we are committed to protecting your personal information. Properly managing the information you provide to us is fundamental to our integrity, and we have a long history of protecting information in a professional and appropriate manner.

There are times when we need to request personal information from our shareholders to satisfy legal requirements (for example, tax reporting obligations). Our shareholder records and personal information provided by shareholders are managed on our behalf by AST Trust Company (Canada). AST Trust Company (Canada) takes all reasonable precautions to protect your personal information.

If you have any inquiries concerning privacy as a Sun Life Financial shareholder, please contact:

Sun Life Financial Inc.
Shareholder Services
1 York Street
Toronto, Ontario  M5J 0B6

You can also view AST Trust Company (Canada) Privacy Policy by visiting www.astfinancial.com.