Lost policyholders

Unclaimed demutualization benefits are benefits that were issued to eligible Sun Life or Clarica policyholders during the company’s conversion from a mutual insurance company to a publicly traded company. Benefits may include:

  • common shares of Sun Life Financial Inc. and associated dividends
  • cash proceeds from the sale of common shares

We are actively searching for eligible policyholders due demutualization benefits.

Georgeson Asset Reunification® program for Canadian residents

Sun Life Financial Inc. (Sun Life) has engaged Georgeson Shareholder Communications Canada Inc. (Georgeson) to administer an ASSET REUNIFICATION® program to search and locate eligible policyholders of lost assets and reunite our Sun Life policyholders with their unclaimed cash and/or share demutualization benefits.

If you have any questions regarding participation in the ASSET REUNIFICATION® program, please contact Georgeson toll free at 1 (866) 748-3923 or collect at (514) 982-2390 or visit www.georgeson.com/sunlife.

If you believe you are an eligible policyholder, please use our form to search for your unclaimed demutualization benefits, or contact Shareholder Services:


Sun Life Financial Inc.
Shareholder Services
1 York Street
Toronto, Ontario  M5J 0B6

Email: shareholderservices@sunlife.com


If you have unclaimed insurance policy assets, contact the Sun Life Financial policy office in your country of residence.

Lost shareholders

Currently we have the following unclaimed asset programs:

Keane Unclaimed Property program for US residents

Keane has been engaged to help us search and locate shareholders in the US who have become disconnected from their accounts. For more information please contact Keane.

Philippines Unclaimed Dividend program

Sun Life Financial Inc. has initiated a program in the Philippines to locate shareholders who have outstanding dividends.  For more information, please contact our Philippines co-agent, RCBC.