Our financial strength

SLPC 21042 10/18 (exp. 10/20)

Sun Life has been serving Clients for 155 years, through crises and across continents. We are fortunate to be in a position of financial strength, with a strong capital position and a strong balance sheet.  

The combination of our capital strength, diversified business model, and strong risk management practices gives us the solid foundation to fulfill our promises to Clients while we actively pursue growth opportunities.

Consistent financial performance

Few companies can match our proven track record of financial strength and long-standing tradition of honoring our financial commitments – qualities that are paramount in a global economy.

Prudent risk management

We employ a consistent, comprehensive approach to identifying, measuring, monitoring, and managing risk. These enterprise risk management activities are supported by a strong corporate risk culture, which has been a longstanding part of our growth and development

Strong and well-capitalized

Sun Life is a strong and well-capitalized enterprise. As regulated entities, the insurance companies in the Sun Life Financial group set aside sufficient reserves and capital to pay for product benefits and guarantees. Our capital base is structured to exceed the levels required by regulators.

Responsible investment approach

Our investment portfolio is well-diversified by geography, asset class, industry sector, and issuer. We have a high-quality asset base and follow a disciplined, research-based process to making investments. Simply put, we buy only what we know.

Review our quarterly investment portfolio flyer.

Global strength

We're not just one of America's leaders in group insurance plans – Sun Life is a leading international financial services company, with operations in key markets worldwide.

The Sun Life Financial group of companies operates under the “Sun Life Financial” name. In the United States and elsewhere, insurance products are offered by members of the Sun Life Financial group that are insurance companies. Sun Life Financial Inc., the holding company for the Sun Life Financial group of companies, is a public company. It is not an insurance company and does not offer insurance products for sale in the United States or elsewhere, and does not guarantee the obligations of its insurance company subsidiaries.