• Employers are investing more dollars in benefits technology than ever before (20% growth in employer spending on benefits technologies in 2017 vs. 2020) 
  • Employers are spending too much time on manual process and error remediation associated with benefit administration tasks such as EOI, billing, eligibility, absence, etc. 

WorkTech, Full Report: 2020 Global HR Tech GC Surges to $5 Billion 

At Sun Life, we are creating an efficient, fast, and accurate way to administer and manage benefits by cutting out manual processes and touchpoints for benefit administrators. We are doing this by automatic administrative tasks through API connectivity making business process improvements and adding digital capabilities at every touchpoint. The result is an experience where data and critical information like plan design setup, EOI, enrollment/billing eligibility, and claims setup are built and updated across benefits administration system and Sun Life systems with a hands-off approach. 

Our approach to APIs is different from other carriers because we have a dedicated digital Accelerator team, comprised of designers, architects, developers, and quality assurance testers who are empowered by Sun Life leadership to do whatever it takes to improve the Client experience and to break down barriers. They have put the technical infrastructure in place, like building in the cloud, to create and expand on our API connections with HR and Benefits Administration solutions. This allows for new capabilities to be built quickly and enhancements to existing capabilities to be updated for years to come. 

We’ve built an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) API integration with Workday, eliminating manual processes for benefits administrators, and simplifying the process for employees. We’ll immediately know when an employee enrolls in benefits and guide that employee through the EOI process without the need for paper forms or employer verification. We’ve automated the process, so all employers need to do is approve life events and finalize open enrollments. We’ll do the rest!  

Learn more about our EOI API integration with Workday 

The Accelerator team is continually talking to Clients and brokers and incorporating their ongoing feedback to improve our APIs. Our API Implementation guide for Workday has received tremendous feedback from Clients, allowing them to get APIs up and running in hours as opposed to months, without outside help.  

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that each Client can easily access and manage Sun Life’s suite of products no matter what platform and technology solution they are using while providing a connected Client experience. 

Let’s connect so I can tell you more about how we are building API digital connectivity and capabilities at every touchpoint. I’d love to hear your ideas too. 

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, Wellesley Hills, MA. For New York group policies: Sun Life and Health Insurance Company (U.S.), Lansing, MI