• Dental and vision
    shelf rate tool

    You can use this tool to create dental and vision shelf rate quotes in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. 

What you get: A proposal for your clients to compare plan options and select the one that best fits their needs.

Takes about 2 min

Dental and vision shelf rate tool

  • 2023 High-cost claims and injectable drugs report

    Use these interactive tools to understand trends and potential impacts of the highest cost medical and injectable drugs claims.

What you get: This analysis can help you make benefit and risk management decisions that are right for your group.

Takes about 5 min

High-cost claims and injectable drugs

See how our dental network stacks up against our competitors.


What you get: An overview of how large our PPO network is in your local area and across the nation.

PPO network comparison


Takes about 2 min.

Find out how easily dollars can add up with Preventive Rewards.


What you get: A rough idea of how easily dollars can accumulate for future dental services.

Preventive Rewards


Takes about 2 min.

Find out how much you could add to your dental account with RollMax.


What you get: An estimate of how dollars can roll over for future dental services.



Takes about 2 min.

This tool provides a comparison of how our two new Lifetime of Smiles® dental options would work in different scenarios


What you get: A better understanding of which dental plan option would benefit your employees more. 

See the top short-term and long-term disability conditions and how supplemental health benefits complement disability benefits.


What you get: The top disabling conditions across industries and the supplemental health benefits they activate.

Disability and supplemental health


Takes about 2 min.

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