Inclusion networks



Many Sun Life employees participate in and lead a variety of Inclusion Networks, which provide personal and professional development opportunities, strong community partnerships, participation in external events and diversity speaker series.

A Sun Life U.S. Inclusion Network that works to develop a culture of inclusion in the workplace and to be recognized as a strategic partner within the Asian American community by recruiting, fostering, and developing high performing professionals.

Asian Alliance celebrates and promotes Asian American heritage via employee engagement and community outreach events and activities. Asian Alliance aims to support the Asian American community by partnering with local non-profit organizations, fostering diversity recruiting, and creating networking and career development opportunities for its members.

A Sun Life U.S. Inclusion Network that reflects and serves interests and matters related to the African American community. BEA's mission is to attract, retain and empower talent from diverse backgrounds, creating a work environment that is inclusive and conducive for growth.

BEA educates employees on meaningful, authentic topics with the goal of building strong partnerships with our allies. BEA aims to drive lasting business results by providing resources, sharing knowledge, and serving both our internal and external community.

A North American Inclusion Network committed to the professional development of all women through strong mutual networks, BrightWomen provides the insights, mentoring and education that prepare members to achieve their potential.

BrightWomen is a diverse group of people dedicated to the advancement of women in all phases of their careers. BrightWomen provides mentoring opportunities for women to share experiences and gain feedback. BrightWomen also promotes development education programs to help members achieve their full potential, both professionally and personally.

A North American Inclusion Network committed to promoting awareness, creating understanding and empowering people with disabilities in the workplace. Through this work, DiverseAbility aims to help unlock the full potential of our talent, provide the highest Client experience and affirm our commitment to being a leader in disability inclusion.

DiverseAbility works to develop and enhance community partnerships, extend our outreach to attract and retain qualified candidates with disabilities, and demonstrate Sun Life's commitment to diversity, both within Sun Life and our communities.

A North American Inclusion Network committed to developing emerging professionals (within 10 years of starting in their career) by helping them find their place at Sun Life, both professionally and personally.

EPN’s mission is to foster a supportive community for early-career professionals and build allies who are focused on developing emerging talent through opportunities for professional development, social engagement and innovation. By offering exclusive events and networking opportunities, EPN strives to guide our members as they navigate their career journey, while also tapping into the unique insights this group of employees possesses to propose improvements to Sun Life’s suite of products and services. 

A Sun Life U.S. Inclusion Network that provides an enriching environment for members to develop, serve and support the Hispanic/Latino community by strengthening our company visibility, increasing market share and creating innovative solutions.

HOLA, Adelante fosters, promotes, and enriches the Hispanic/Latino culture within Sun Life and serves as a medium of cultural exchange, increasing awareness and inspiring diversity throughout the organization. Our goal is to help cultivate an inclusive work environment that allows our members to reach their highest potential. Throughout the year, HOLA, Adelante members participate in several fundraising and other events benefiting the community. HOLA, Adelante also provide professional and personal development opportunities.

A Canadian Inclusion Network that aims to foster cultural diversity in our workplace, through awareness, education and engagement.

Mosaic's vision is to help Sun Life Canada also achieve deeper cultural inclusion across the business through different areas of focus including, but not limited to, consulting on various initiatives aimed at creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace at Sun Life.

Mosaic continues to join efforts with different internal task forces in finding long-term diversity and inclusion solutions through dialogue and raising awareness.

A North American Inclusion Network that creates a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace where members of the LGBTQ+ community can reach their full potential, bring their true selves to work and feel proud to be Sun Life employees.

Sun Life Pride embraces the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community by respecting each and every individual, valuing their uniqueness, and treating them fairly. Sun Life Pride believes in the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and strives to provide its members with unique and engaging opportunities through charitable causes and professional development.

VET is a Sun Life U.S. Inclusion Network that provides a way for prior military service members, military family members and Allies to connect across the company. The network recognizes and values the experiences of service members and their families and raises awareness for issues important to veterans and former service members by offering internal and external networking opportunities, educational events, and volunteering in the community.

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