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Make contract changes

How Do I…

Q. Find out what signatures are required to make policy changes?

A. If your policy is owned by… Here’s the signature(s) you’ll need:

An individual

the policy owner(s)

A corporation

signature and titles of a) two officers OR b) one officer and the corporate seal

A trust

the signature of the designated trustee(s), signing with the word “trustee” after their name

An estate

the court appointed representative, including certified copies of documents


Q. Change the phone number or address on my policy?

A. Call or complete the Name, Address, and E-mail Change Request form including policy number(s).


Q. Change my beneficiary?

A. Complete the Change of Beneficiary form, listing the policy number(s). We encourage you to designate a contingent beneficiary in the event the primary beneficiary dies before the insured. If none is designated, the contingent beneficiary will default to the estate of the insured.


Q. Change the owner on my policy?

A. Complete the Ownership Change Request form. If designating a trust, please complete the Trustee Certification/Affidavit form as well. We encourage you to designate a contingent owner if the primary owner is not the insured. If none is designated and the primary owner dies before the insured, the ownership will default to the estate of the primary owner.


Q. Change the trustee on my trust?

A. Complete the Trustee Certification/Affidavit form.


Q. Collaterally assign my policy?

A. Complete the Authorization for Assignment/Release of Policy as Collateral form or complete the American Banking Association Collateral Assignment Form, available at most financial lending institutions.


Q. Remove a collateral assignment from my policy?

A. Complete the Authorization for Assignment or Release of Policy as Collateral form and have the assignee complete it, including the policy number(s).


Q. Add a power of attorney to my policy?

A. Send a copy of the Power of Attorney document and include the policy number(s).


Q. Increase the face amount on my policy? (interest sensitive policies only)

A. Call or complete the Policy Change Request form to determine if your policy is eligible for face amount increases.


File a claim

How Do I…

Q. Find the current interest rate on a Sun Life Financial Benefit Account (SLFBA)?

A. Interest on SLFBA assets is compounded daily at an annual rate of 0.25% and is credited once a month. The rate is not guaranteed and is subject to change.


Q. File a death claim?

A. Call or send your request to obtain the necessary forms. To expedite your claim, including the following information:

  • name of the deceased, and the dates of birth and death
  • policy number(s)
  • cause of death (natural or accidental)
  • funeral home name, address and phone number; and
  • beneficiary's name, address and phone number

The designated beneficiary will need to provide proof of death (i.e., certified copy of the death certificate or a notarized attending physician's statement) and a completed claim form.


Q. File a disability waiver claim?

A. Call or send your request to obtain the Claims Forms. To expedite your claim, include:

  • name of the insured and policy owner (if different)
  • policy number(s)
  • the date the disability commenced and the cause of disability; and
  • address confirmation for mailing the necessary forms

The claimant will need to complete the Claim Form and an authorization to obtain additional medical information if necessary, provide a Physician's Statement completed by the treating physician, and provide a statement from his or her employer.

To be eligible, your policy must have a disability waiver benefit. Disability must be for a duration of at least six months, in accordance with the policy's waiting period provision.


Q. Request an accelerated death benefit claim?

A. Call or send your request to obtain the Claims Forms to expedite your claim, including

  • name of the insured and policy owner (if different)
  • policy number(s); and
  • the amount of desired benefit

Keep in mind that this provision allows the policy owner to access a portion of the face amount in advance should the insured become terminally ill.


Q. Find out when I need an IRS Form 712?

A. The IRS requires that this statement be included when an estate (or gift) tax return is filed. IRS Form 712 is a statement that provides life insurance policy values as of the date of an insured's or policy owner's death, or at the time a life insurance policy is transferred as a gift.


Q. Get an IRS form 712?

A. Call or send your request, including the policy number(s). If the deceased is the policy owner, please include an address for mailing.


Q. Check the status of my individual life insurance claim?

A. Call or send your request, including the policy number(s). One of our representatives will return your call within 24 hours.


Pay premiums

How Do I…

Q. Pay premiums?

A. Send a check for the premium amount due to our premium payment addressMake the check payable to Sun Life Financial and include the policy number on the check.


Q. Confirm you’ve received my premium payment?

A. Call or send your request, including the policy number(s).


Q. Notify you of my new bank account so I can continue to make automatic payments?

A. Complete the Bank Authorization Form to update or change the bank from which we draft your policy premiums. Don’t forget to list the policy numbers and submit a voided check from your new checking account with this form.


Q. Adjust my premium payment schedule?

A. You can change your premium payment frequency to Monthly Pre-Authorized Checking (PAC) or Direct Billing (Semi-Annual, Annual):

  • PAC: Complete the Bank Authorization form and submit with a voided check.
  • Direct Billing: Complete the Premium Changes, Dividend Option Changes & Pay by Dividend Requests form.


Manage loans

How Do I…

Q. Borrow from my policy?


  • If you want to borrow $25,000 or less, you can call us directly at (800) 862-6266.
  • If you want to borrow more than $25,000, make your request by completing the Loan, Dividend Withdrawal or Partial Withdrawal Request form.

Since loans can have an adverse effect on your policy, you should call us first to discuss the implications, before you make a decision to take out a loan.


Q. Repay a loan?

A. Complete the Bank Authorization form to have your payment automatically withdrawn from your checking account every month. Remember to list your policy number(s) and attach a voided check from your account.


Get policy updates

How Do I…

Q. Find out the most current values in my policy?

A: Call or send your request. Don’t forget to tell us your name and policy number(s). Then, we’ll mail a current policy report to the address we have for you on file. It will contain: the face amount, premium payment, cash values and any available loan amount.


Q. Get a policy illustration?

A: Call or send your request, including the policy number(s). An in force illustration, or policy projection, provides information, such as: projected premium outlay, projected policy values and projected face amount. Keep in mind, illustrations make certain assumptions regarding interest rates and costs for insurance, which will vary each year and impact your projections.


Q: Get a lapsed policy reinstated?

A: Call us or send in your request, including the policy number(s).
We will:

  • Provide you with a quote for back premiums and overdue interest, and
  • Determine if you need to provide evidence of insurability.

Keep in mind, we only reinstate policies that have been lapsed for five years or less. Beyond that, there is no opportunity to reinstate the policy and coverage remains terminated.


Q: Get a duplicate copy of my policy?

A: Call us or complete the Statement of Lost Policy Form. Be sure to include the policy number(s).


Q: Change my premiums to non-smoker rates since I no longer smoke?

A: To see if you’re eligible for a change, call us or complete the Policy Change Request form, including policy number(s).


Group insurance policies are underwritten by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Wellesley Hills, MA) in all states, except New York. In New York group insurance policies are issued by Sun Life and Health Insurance Company (U.S.) (Lansing, MI). Product offerings may not be available in all states and may vary depending on state laws and regulations.

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