Inclusion networks

SLPC 27548 9/17 (exp. 9/19)

Inclusion networks

Asian American Heritage Association (AAHA)

AAHA works to develop a culture of inclusion at Sun Life Financial. AAHA celebrates and promotes Asian American heritage via employee engagement and community outreach events and activities. AAHA aims to support the Asian American community by partnering with local non-profit organizations, fostering diversity recruiting, and creating networking and career development opportunities for its members.

Member Name: Samhita Kasuganti (AAHA Member since March 2016)
Member Job Title: Business Systems Analyst, Client and Technology Services

Quote: I started working at Sun Life in early 2016. I have always been enthusiastic about joining various organizations to expand my understanding of different people and their cultures. When I came across AAHA, I figured I would give it a try. The first AAHA event that I took part in was the 2016 Dragon Boat Race; it was one of my most memorable experiences at Sun Life. I liked it so much that I decided to join the team again the year and we won a Bronze medal! Another AAHA event I was extremely fond of was Diwali, the Festival of Lights. I am originally from India, and it was a great experience to celebrate my culture with my co-workers. It has been wonderful being a part of AAHA and promoting Asian-American heritage!
Black Excellence Alliance (BEA)

The Black Excellence Alliance (BEA) is an inclusion network that reflects and serves interests and matters related to the African American community. Our mission is to attract, retain, and empower leaders from diverse backgrounds by creating a work environment that is inclusive and adequately conducive for growth and by educating employees on meaningful, authentic topics with the goal of building partnerships with our allies. We aim to drive lasting business results by providing resources, sharing knowledge, and serving our internal and external community.

Member Name: Daria Gusman (BEA member since 2014)
Job Title: Enrollment Tech Consultant

Quote: "From the moment I joined BEA I began a new journey, and not just from a professional view point but also a personal one. BEA has given me a sense of belonging, has helped me to forge solid relationships with my peers, and has energized me to make a difference in the company outside of my primary role. I've learned ways in which I can still be authentic to who I am while successfully navigating the organization. It is my hope that others will take an active approach, step into a new world, benefit from the sense of community and learn about the world through someone else’s eyes."
Gays, Lesbians and Others Building Equality (GLOBE)

GLOBE works to foster an environment at Sun Life that supports and embraces the diversity of the LGBTQ community by respecting each and every individual, valuing their uniqueness, and treating them fairly. GLOBE believes in the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and strives to provide its members with unique and engaging opportunities through charitable causes and professional development.

Member name: Perry St. Louis (GLOBE member since 2015)    
Member Job Title: Case Manager, LTD Claims - National Accounts

Quote: "The GLOBE Network demonstrates that Sun Life values its people. We have a wonderful opportunity to let all employees know that everybody belongs here at Sun Life. Participation in GLOBE allows members to contribute to the company and the community in ways that are not outlined in our job descriptions, making us better employees and, hopefully, better people."


Hispanic Organization for Leaders and Achievers (HOLA)

HOLA fosters, promotes, and enriches the Hispanic/Latino culture within Sun Life Financial.  We serve as a medium of cultural exchange, increasing awareness and inspiring diversity throughout the organization. Our goal is to help cultivate an inclusive work environment that allows our members to reach their highest potential. Throughout the year, HOLA members participate in fundraising and other community events.  We provide professional and personal development opportunities.

Member Name: Raymond Pereyra (HOLA member since 2014)
Member Job Title: Multi-line Claims Specialist

Quote: “For me, working in an inclusion network enhances my professional career development. HOLA has offered me an opportunity to represent our diverse workforce while improving SLF business.”
Women’s Leadership Network (WLN)

The Sun Life Women’s Leadership Network is a diverse group of people dedicated to the advancement of women in all phases of their careers. We encourage strong mutual support networks; provide mentoring opportunities for women to share experiences and gain feedback; and promote development programs and education to help our members achieve their full potential, both professionally and personally.

Member Name: Jeanine Delay (WLN member since 2012)
Member Job Title: Director, Knowledge and Learning Infrastructure

Quote: “The work of WLN has been aligned with our business strategy and in particular, on our focus on creating a high performance culture.  We’ve created mentoring programs, invited employees to give talks on their career experience, created opportunities to engage with our senior leadership team, and we’ve opened the door to conversations about diversity and inclusion that are part of our Healthy Culture. Personally, I have made good friends and strengthened my professional network by being involved with the WLN.”