Expanding access to healthcare and benefits

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Sun Life’s health-aligned portfolio helps expand access to care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes for our clients and members.

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Sun Life’s health-aligned portfolio helps expand access to care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes for our clients and members.

Health Navigation. Sun Life Health Navigator provides health advocacy and care navigation services. By helping our members navigate the complicated healthcare system, they can feel confident in their diagnosis and get access to the right care for their needs—leading to a better experience and improved health outcomes. Read more

Care and Cost Optimization. With Sun Life Stop-Loss and Clinical 360, our clinical experts utilize our data-driven approach to act as a second set of eyes for our Clients, reviewing claims to identify care optimization and cost savings opportunities. Read more

Expansive Dental Network Access. One of the largest dental PPO networks in the U.S. 1, Sun Life’s Dental Network Optimization Program works to recruit additional dental providers our members see. Read more

Largest Private Practice Vision Network2. Members can utilize the convenience of retail locations or purchase glasses and contacts online without having to leave their home. Read more

Disability Clinical Interventions. Informed by our clinical claims innovation lab, Sun Life offers:

These services are provided at no additional cost to the member or employer.

Mental Health-Focused Solutions. In addition to our clinical interventions, Sun Life offers:

Supplemental Health Benefits. Our Critical Illness, Cancer, Hospital Indemnity and Accident plans offer benefits for numerous covered conditions. These plans bridge coverage gaps to make member out-of-pocket costs more manageable and are supported by simple claims processes. Read more


Digital solutions that transform the way you access, manage and deliver benefits.  With Sun Life you get a seamless experience at every step in the benefits journey from onboarding, education and enrollment to benefits administration and claims management. Read more

The implications of not having access to care are significant.

Access can be challenged when treating providers are unavailable in a timely manner, when care is not affordable, when employees don’t have a treatment plan or are unaware of their options.

Employees can experience:

  • Presenteeism or being less productive at work if they’re in pain, sick, or they are not confident in their care decisions
  • An unwanted trip to the emergency room, creating more costs and stress
  • Return-to-work delays after an absence
  • Missed opportunities to improve health outcomes and live their lives fully
  • Mental distress for themselves and their families

Access to Health: Will care be there when we need it?

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Watch our panel of Sun Life leaders as they discuss these issues

Our complex U.S. healthcare system is experiencing access challenges, a situation that is becoming increasingly pervasive across the U.S. This concern impacts employers who are called upon to advocate for employees, and whose businesses are impacted by reduced productivity, prolonged absences, and increased medical costs.

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Feedback to the Access to Health webinar


“Good solutions to a very important problem. What resonated was the access to care, which I'm already seeing as a problem with employees.” 


“With all the changes that the pandemic has forced on care givers, patients, medical staff, etc., it is truly wonderful to see how Sun Life is working to help find answers for each of the sectors that make up the 'health care universe'. THANK YOU!!!!” 


“Very timely topic. I don't think enough thought is given to the provider shortage and access issues we will experience as the result of covid and the aging population.” 

In an increasingly competitive labor market, prospective employees may be more attracted to benefits that facilitate access to increasingly scarce care.

Sun Life is preparing for this challenge, to help you manage risk and offer a strong, health-aligned benefits portfolio. Our Sun Life US. businesses work collaboratively to bring innovative solutions that help expand access to healthcare and benefits, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

Let us tell you more.

  • "Employers are increasingly interested in benefits solutions that include components—for example, health management and member advocacy—that simultaneously improve member satisfaction and help manage costs. This balanced approach is likely to endure after the pandemic ends.“

    McKinsey & Company