Back and neck musculoskeletal

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Back and neck musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions directly contribute to a business’ bottom line 

“Musculoskeletal disorders are associated with high costs to employers such as absenteeism, lost productivity, and increased healthcare, disability, and worker’s compensation costs. MSK cases are more severe than the average nonfatal injury or illness.” CDC

Sun Life and Goodpath partnership offers whole-person care and coaching to Sun Life members receiving Short-Term Disability benefits for back or neck MSK conditions

Goodpath’s whole-person care complements the care from treating providers by going beyond the single treatment approach, which can lead to stronger outcomes for members. It addresses the reason for leave AND the contributing factors, like diet and sleep that can make returning to health difficult.*

Participants get:

  • A tailored care plan that they can access through the Goodpath app
  • 1:1 support from a dedicated Goodpath health coach
  • Supplements and physical items shipped to their home each month


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The program is available to eligible Sun Life members receiving Short-Term Disability benefits starting April 1, 2023, for back or neck MSK conditions (provided their employer has Sun Life long-term disability). It’s also available for eligible Sun Life members receiving Long-Term Disability benefits for long COVID symptoms.

Enrollment in the program is completely optional and does not affect the status of the member’s Sun Life claim or future eligibility.

*Goodpath does not provide medical advice, medical diagnosis, or medical treatment.

Our goal is to help members address their symptoms and return back to health, life, and work. 

  • The Institute in Medicine estimates the economic burden of work-related musculoskeletal disorders as measured by compensation costs, lost wages, and lost productivity, are between $45 and $54 billion annually.

  • "Goodpath is a great fit for Sun Life because it aligns with our strategy to help people access the healthcare and coverage they need," said David Healy, president, Group Benefits, Sun Life U.S. "Goodpath's program complements the care from treating providers by going beyond the single treatment approach, resulting in stronger outcomes for our members. We are excited to offer this innovative program to help our members get back to health and productivity more quickly."

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Sun Life is not responsible or liable for the care, services, or advice provided by Goodpath, and reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time. 

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