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Clinical Claims Innovation Lab

Expanding medical knowledge and influencing successful outcomes

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Watch Dr. Tracy Hamill, MD share the Clinical Claims Innovation Lab model

By focusing on certain diagnoses, we keep pace with advances in medical treatment and our case managers continue to gain best practices for interacting with the health care provider, the employer and the employee. This exciting work promotes continuous improvement in the practice of disability claims management.

Back and neck musculoskeletal (MSK)

MSK is a leading reason why people need to take time away from work and can be complex to treat. Sun Life has partnered with Goodpath to offer whole-person care and coaching to eligible Sun Life members receiving short-term disability benefits for back and neck MSK conditions. Whole-person care addresses the symptom(s) and contributing factors, like diet and sleep.  Watch the video and learn more here


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While cancer type, stage and treatment can differ from person to person, new treatments help most people live with cancer successfully. Yet despite these advances, we found a cancer diagnosis can create feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. Watch our video and learn about how we strive to help here.


Learn about the trends Sun Life clinical experts are seeing for individuals on long-term disability due to long COVID, how we manage their claim, and what employers can do to help individuals stay at or return to work. Learn more here.

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Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is a leading disability claims diagnosis. Advancements in medical treatment mean employees on leave can return to work sooner. We continuously upskill our claims team to confidently engage in treatment discussions and assess readiness for return to work. Watch the video and learn more here. 

How’s the health of your employees? 

  • Cardiovascular disease is a growing concern and it’s not limited to older populations.
  • Long COVID has left many employees struggling with symptoms like brain fog and other cognitive issues.
  • Back and neck musculoskeletal (MSK) are among the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time, according to OSHA
  • Cancer can be a scary diagnosis for employees, yet new treatments can limit side effects and help employees recover faster.
  • Employee mental wellness concerns has prompted many employers to build a workplace mental wellness strategy. 
  • The leading causes of people being on long-term disability in 2021

    • Cancer – 2nd leading cause (behind musculoskeletal)
    • Circulatory issues – 3rd leading cause
    • Infectious – 5th leading cause
    • Mental Health – 6th leading cause


    Source: Sun Life internal claims data, excluding pregnancy

  • Mental wellness and return to work 

    Sometimes, employees who've been out on leave have concerns about their ability to return to work, life, and health successfully. Read our tips on how you can show your support.


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