Sun Life Stop-Loss Benchmark

SLPC 26722 5/18 (exp. 5/20)

We know that benchmarking is a critical part of a client’s benefit strategy. As a result, Sun Life offers a Benchmark Report for all current clients to help them review both their current offerings and the industry standards.

This report offers unbiased, rich benchmarking data across case sizes, industries and claims administrators. The customized package covers analysis across the broad marketplace, the client’s peer group, and the individual client.

The Benchmark Report helps making decisions about stop-loss coverage so much easier because it provides relevant data you and your broker can use immediately. It includes analysis such as:

  • The client’s overall risk profile compared to their peers
  • Analysis into the client’s demographics
  • Review of product options and deductible selections for employers similar to them
  • Insight into the projected number of stop-loss claims and top claim conditions in their peer group

Interested in this data and analysis? Ask your broker for a customized Benchmark Report today.

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