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Family Leave Insurance

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A breakthrough insurance offering for employers in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida

Sun Life’s Family Leave Insurance closes an important benefits gap for small and mid-size employers, making it easier for your employees to meet their family’s health needs.

Sun Life's Family Leave Insurance provides an easy solution

While many large businesses self-fund paid family leave for their employees, self-funding is not an option for many small and mid-sized employers.

Sun Life’s fully-insured solution was designed and built on our extensive company leave program knowledge and industry experience, and is fueled by our advocacy to expand access to paid family leave to more people.

Offering Family Leave attracts and retains employees, and can improve health and productivity

Fully insured and administered like Short-Term Disability. No eligibility file required. Ready-made plans are informed by industry best practices.

Not a government program. It’s 100% optional for employers and includes full-day intermittent leave, solving an employer pain point.

Claims are managed by Sun Life’s expert leave management team, with easy, online, digital claims submission and reporting accessible for HR.

Choose one or both leave reasons

Child Bonding

To bond with a new child due to birth, adoption, or foster care.

Family Care

For time off to care for a family member or injured service member with a serious health condition.

Inquire about our standard and enhanced plans. 

To learn more, contact your local Sun Life Employee Benefits Representative or your benefits broker.

  • Sun Life and your benefits broker can help you determine the benefits and plan designs that meet employee needs.

Group Family Leave Insurance is issued by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (SLOC) (Wellesley Hills, MA) under Policy Form 15-GP-01, 23-FLI-C-01.

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