Sun Life Asia Service Centre India (ASCI) Expands its Footprint to Bengaluru

Sun Life Asia Service Centre India (ASCI) Expands its Footprint to Bengaluru: Accelerates Digital Transformation journey

  • Sun Life strengthens its positioning as a leading Digital & Innovation Hub and Engineering & Tech Powerhouse.
  • Advances modern capabilities such as APIs, AI/ML, Test Automation, Data, Experience Design, Architecture, Cloud and UI/UX.
  • Sun Life ASCI now has a strong talent pool – Bengaluru office will further be a potential contributor.

Bengaluru, March 23, 2023: Sun Life Asia Service Centre India (ASCI), a microcosm of the global insurance and asset management leader Sun Life, today announced the opening of its new office in Bengaluru, as part of its Enterprise Strategy. It is a key milestone towards strengthening its position as a leading Digital & Innovation Hub and Engineering & Tech Powerhouse for Sun Life.

The new Bengaluru office will play a strategic role in the company's expansion plan by providing access to a deeper technology talent pool and putting ASCI in a competitive position. The objective is to establish its presence in Bengaluru, which is the hub for technology talent and hiring niche skills.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch, Tarun Sareen, Managing Director, Sun Life Asia Service Centres, said, "As a microcosm of Sun Life, we are poised to harness the regions’ potential in a significant way - from India and the Philippines to the world. We are architecting and executing a bolder vision: being a Digital & Innovation Hub, shaping the Business, driving Transformation and creating a superior Client Experience by providing expert Technology, Business & Knowledge Services and advanced Solutions. The expansion of our India footprint with the Bengaluru office is an important step towards aligning our strategy and our actions to further build on this charter and deliver on our purpose of "helping our Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives."

The new office will focus on building a contemporary engineering culture and deepening tech talent to leverage data and insights to drive digital transformation for clients. Replicating the model of its Gurugram office, the Bengaluru office will focus on forming end-to-end squads in modernization, cloud, SecOps, Centres of Excellence (COEs) like Pega, and Salesforce, and hire experienced technology roles like architects, product owners and designers, among others.

“We have a very strong focus on building our capability in line with the current and future requirements of our Enterprise Strategy. And in doing so, our biggest differentiator is talent. We are furthering a robust people strategy and aspire to be one of the destinations for top digital talent to accelerate our journey, fulfill our purpose, and deliver meaningful client impact. We are investing in NextGen digital competencies and developing senior engineering talent to develop modern capabilities such as API, AI/ML, cloud, data, DevOps and experience design”, pointed out Ajayan Narayanan, Vice President, Head of Digital Business & Technology Solutions, Sun Life Asia Service Centre India.

With the expansion of ASCI in Bengaluru, the company is set to strengthen its presence in the Asia Pacific region and provide greater value to its clients. Sun Life Asia Service Centres - India and the Philippines have grown steadily over the last several years with a strong focus on expanding its technology capabilities and presence in key markets across India and Asia.