Innovation @ Sun Life


To make Sun Life future ready, an innovation hub has been set up by Sun Life Global Solutions. 


To make Sun Life future ready, an innovation hub has been set up by Sun Life Global Solutions. 

Our Innovation Journey 

The Innovation Hub operates like a startup to build an intrapreneurial culture with a problem-solving, disruptive, persistent, transformative mindset. We are collaborating with startups, accelerators and the academia ecosystem to solve some of the most complex challenges for Sun Life Enterprise businesses. These inventions will significantly improve our client experience and product offerings. The Innovation Hub works closely with Sun Life’s businesses, aligning innovation with our business roadmap, integrating key technologies into our products, and accelerating how we drive solutions from prototypes to commercialization.

What’s in it for you?

An incubation lab that will provide technology start-ups a chance to co-create with one of the leading life insurance businesses for building smart Fintech or Insurtech solutions for specific business challenges. We will direct innovation to move beyond the norm and transform the future of the insurance industry.

Start-ups now have a unique opportunity to access knowledge, infrastructure(sandbox), and support from Sun Life to transform business processes through technology. We will co-build solutions with tech-startups to provide market analytics, identify new trends, scout the latest systems relevant to the Sun Life business and conduct experiments or PoCs around the same.

We have already collaborated with 20+ startups for solution exploration/partnership opportunities.


Reach out to us at for collboration opportunities

 Our Key Focus Areas 

 Operational Efficiency

Aids in reducing policy issuance time and improving policy-related service needs.

Client/Advisor Experience

Improve clients and advisor experience across all touchpoints.

Tech Modernization

Upgrade from legacy systems to use modern technology to improve our business processes

Sales & Distribution

Leverage technology for better outreach, sales and overall distribution