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Sun Life is ready to help Clients affected by recent severe storms, fires and other tragedies.

Emergency notices

Recent mass shooting tragedies, weather and fire events – Sun Life is ready to help

Sun Life is ready to assist Clients who have been affected by the recent mass shooting tragedies, weather and fire events. Our thoughts are with all who have been impacted by these events.

Some may need help coping at this time. All Sun Life Clients can leverage ComPsych’s Employee Assistance Program, regardless of whether they have EAP through Sun Life—at no extra charge. Current Clients of Sun Life EAP by Design can sign into their ComPsych GuidanceResources website, www.guidanceresources.com. If you do not have an EAP program, you can find useful information at www.guidanceresources.com/crisis

We also recognize that many may need extra time to make payments, help with filing claims or to report a temporary address change to receive disability and other claims payments without disruption.

Clients can reach Sun Life at the following phone numbers:

Please let us know if we can help.