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Read the 2020 Stop-Loss Research Report..


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Legislative update: The latest on COVID-19 relief and the upcoming election

Date: August 6, 2020
Time: 2 p.m. E.T.

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Join James Slotnick, Sun Life’s AVP of Government Relations as he reviews:

  • Updates on federal COVID-19 legislation, including
    • Paycheck Protection Program changes
    • Business liability protection
    • COBRA subsidies
    • Tax credits for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • The state of the 2020 election
    • House and Senate races to watch
    • Key states for the presidential election


MA PFML: Summary of final regulations and next steps

Date: August 13, 2020
Time: 2 p.m. E.T.

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Join Abigail O’Connell, Senior Counsel, Jonathan Kemp, Associate Director, Product Management and Derek Warner, Group Market Manager as they share information about final regulations and next steps for Clients to comply and be ready for January 1, 2021.

  • Overview of the MA PFML law and the final regulations released on July 24, 2020
  • The advantages of choosing Sun Life as your private plan administrator
  • Next steps for compliance and readiness for January 1, 2021
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Supplemental Health benefits can close coverage gaps and ease medical plan decision-making webinar

Webinar: Supplemental Health benefits can close coverage gaps and ease medical plan decision-making

Sun Life can help

Employees face challenges in their health and financial security, and employers want to optimize participation in the preferred medical plan. Sun Life can help.

Webinar: Slide deck

This webinar has not been approved for potential Clients and policyholders in AZ, GA, NM, OR, WA, WY.

Published: July 2020

2020 ComPsych July webinar

Webinar: Difficult Conversations During A Time Of Unrest Across America

Presented by our partner ComPsych

Ways to discuss polarizing topics without damaging your important relationships. We also discuss productive ways to talk about the events with children.

Webinar: Slide deck

Published: July 2020

2020 Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report

High-cost claims and injectable drug trends analysis

In this report, the expanded high-cost claim conditions analysis that was published as an early release in May is combined with our new top 20 injectable drugs list and the latest data on million-dollar+ claims. A healthcare update is also included, covering what we have seen to date on COVID-19 claims, the latest information on Zolgensma and a new emerging gene therapy, and several legislative updates..

Published: July 2020
Million-dollar claim cost drivers and legislative updates

Webinar: Million-dollar claim cost drivers and legislative updates

Summer 2020 update

A look inside Sun Life’s most recent million-dollar claim and injectable drug trend analysis with legislative updates on issues impacting self-funded employers.

Webinar: Slide deck

Published: July 2020

2019 Fall Compliance Update webinar

Webinar: Compliance Update

Leave and accommodation compliance: Fall 2019

Learn about MA PFML, private plan administration and the milestones employers need to meet for 2019 and 2020. This webinar is for employers that have at least one employee working in MA.

Webinar: Slide deck
Q&A: Read answers to questions asked during the event.
For more information: Learn more about MA PFML

Published: November 2019

2019 Fall Compliance Update webinar

Webinar: Compliance Update

Leave and accommodation compliance: Fall 2019

Find out about the latest updates to paid and unpaid family leave, court decisions and jury verdicts, and other regulatory developments in 2019. Download a copy of the presentation and related materials:

Webinar: Slide deck
Q&A: Read answers to questions asked during the event.

Published: October 2019

2019 Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report

High-cost claims and injectable drug trends

What are the latest top 10 high-cost claims conditions and injectable drugs

Find out more about the compilation of stop-loss claims data, including recommendations with regard to the medical, Rx, and stop-loss trends represented within this report....

Published: June 2019
2018 Election Webinar

Webinar: Legislative update

How the election results and new paid leave laws will affect employee benefits

Find out about the biggest surprises from the election and what they could mean for 2020 and beyond, and how new and emerging paid leave laws are poised to disrupt employee benefits.

Download a copy of the presentation and related materials:

Webinar: Slide deck
Flyer: Common sense solutions for paid sick leaves
Flyer: Paid Family/Parental Leave programs for employees: top 10 considerations

Published: November 2018

2018 Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report

High-cost claims and injectable drug trends

What are the latest top 10 high-cost claims conditions and injectable drugs

Find out about the recent trends, including million-dollar+ claims and more...

Published: June 2018

Group stop-loss captives

A path to self-funding

This whitepaper covers the rising interest in self-funding and how employers of many sizes can transition to self-funding with different captive options and structures.
Published: April 2018

President Trump, health insurance and the future

Where do we go from here?

As President Trump approaches his 450th day in office, what changes are in store for employer- provided health insurance plans?

Webinar notes:
Download a copy of the presentation.

Published: April 2018

2017 Sun Life Stop-Loss research report, Issue Two

Injectable drug cost trends.

In Issue #2, learn about injectable drug cost trends including the top 20 high-cost injectables, conditions they treat, million-dollar+ claimants, and more.
Published: September 2017

2017 Sun Life Stop-Loss research report

What are the latest top 10 catastrophic claims conditions?

In Issue 1, find out about the catastrophic claims conditions, million-dollar+ claimants, and more.
Published: June 2017

Sun Life Summit 2017: Keynote

Buckle Up: Riding The ACA Rollercoaster

After a failed attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, what comes next? Will President Trump find a way to work with Congress on a new solution or will the ACA remain for the foreseeable future? Join the conversation as Jim Klein from the American Benefits Council and James Slotnick, AVP of Government Relations with Sun Life, discuss the possible scenarios ahead

Published: May 2017


Sun Life Summit 2017: Education

When Will Employee Benefits Be Uber-ized?

The role of technology is growing exponentially in employee benefits, with an array of new platforms and partners emerging every year. Join a dynamic conversation as our thought leaders discuss these questions: How far have we really come in the past 10 years? What does the future of employee benefits look like? And with everything changing so fast, how can you keep up with the latest solutions?

Show notes:
These resources were mentioned in the discussion.
Deloitte study: Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future
Book: The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

Published: May 2017

Sun Life Summit 2017: Roundtable

How To Reach An Ever-More-Diverse Workforce

Mastering The Benefits Disruptors: Politics, People, Technology

As the demographics of the American workforce change due to population, economic, and social trends, employers need to effectively tailor messages to reach different groups, including women, foreign-born workers, older workers, and part-timers. During this session, you’ll get valuable and practical tips from our panel of communication experts.

Published: May 2017

Webinar: Switching to self-funding

Market insights and best practices

Self-funding is on the rise. According to a 2016 Sun Life–sponsored employer insights study, there will be nearly 35,000 potential new self-funded employers by 2020.1 Hear from Doug Gosney, AVP, Stop-Loss Market Manager, and experienced self-funding brokers Shay Cowan, Principal, Katz Pierz; and William Laughlin, VP, Manager of Data Analytics, GBDS, Conner Strong & Buckelew, as they share insights and best practices to help support the 40% of fully insured employers who would consider switching to self-funding.2

Download our Switching to Self-Funding market insights summary.

Download the presentation slides. 

1.Information provided from the 2016 Employer Insights research study sponsored by Sun Life and conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey. The blind study included decision makers for companies that have between 50 and 999 employees and offer medical benefits to all their full-time employees.
2.This estimate is an extrapolation using population census and survey data to convert the 40% of fully insured employers that indicated they would consider converting to self-funding into full market potential.

Originally aired April 4, 2017. SLPC 28237 04/17

Published: April 2017

Voluntary Benefits Survey

Closing the benefits gap

In a recent survey of 1,000 full-time employees, Sun Life found that 54% don’t know their out-of-pocket maximum, and 33% don’t know their deductible. Nearly two in three employees are concerned about the ability to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Here you can view the full survey results, and read our white paper that offers in depth analysis and considerations for effectively communicating voluntary benefits.
Published: November 2016

Sun Life Summit 2016: Keynote

The Politics of Employee Benefits

How will the 2016 election impact employer-sponsored health coverage? Has the implementation of the Affordable Care Act changed expectations? How can brokers and employers prepare for November and beyond? Katy Spangler, a health policy expert with the American Benefits Council, will share insights. James Slotnick of Sun Life moderates.
Published: October 2016

Sun Life Summit 2016: Roundtable

Why Work is Healthy

What’s the connection between healthy employees and a healthy business? How do America’s changing demographics affect employee retention? Is work really good for us? Hear from three industry experts about how ACA policies, wellness trends, and demographics are changing what we think of as a healthy workplace.
Published: October 2016

Sun Life Summit 2016: Education

Best Practices for a Healthy Absence Management Program

Absences from work happen. They could stem from an illness, maternity leave, or another cause. How employers manage those absences can make a real difference to employee retention—and the company’s bottom line. At this session, you will learn about absence management best practices that help employees deal with life’s ups and downs, and employers stay in compliance with state and federal laws.
Published: October 2016

2016 Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report

What are the latest top ten stop-loss catastrophic claims conditions?

Find out about the conditions that added up to $2.3B in stop-loss claims reimbursements, the new #6 condition, key factors that affect employer costs, and more.
Published: July 2016

White paper: The Challenges of Absence and Disability Management

Do you have an integrated plan for absence and disability management?

Absences can cost employers over 15% of payroll – with replacement workers 31% less productive than the replaced employees. Costs for not complying with the ADA and FMLA can be in the millions. Be sure to read our new white paper that provides key information about managing absences and disabilities to learn what you need to do to control the absence management process and comply with complex legal requirements.
Published: April 2016

Self-Funded Playbook

Are you a self-funded newbie or pro?

Either way, you'll find tips you can use immediately in the Self-Funded Playbook. It provides guidance for employers to help them make key decisions in funding arrangements, claims administration, and stop-loss insurance.
Published: March 2016

2015 Sun Life Stop-Loss research report

What are the latest top ten stop-loss catastrophic claims?

Learn about the top ten, the condition that's on the move, how self-insured employers can navigate the costs, and more.
Published: June 2015

Self-Insurance 101: A Practical Guide

Self-Insurance 101: A Practical Guide

Even before the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, more companies were moving to self-insurance as a way to control their health care costs. That trend has been particular true for mid-sized companies. Watch Self-Insurance 101: A Practical Guide to learn more.
Published: May 2015

2015 Sun Life Summit: Keynote

Health Care Reform: Working/Not working?

Is health care reform finding its footing—or fatally flawed? MIT economist and Affordable Care Act (ACA) expert Jonathan Gruber and Cato Institute Director of Health Policy Studies Michael Cannon share opposing viewpoints on the current state of reform.
Published: April 2015

Sun Life Summit 2015: Panel

Employer Decision Points

There are several critical decision points that employers must consider after making the choice to self-insure. Watch industry experts dive into critical topics related to self-funding, such as stop-loss coverage, claim administration, and cost-containment methods.
Published: April 2015

Sun Life Summit 2015: Roundtable

The Self-Insurance Question: Should I?

In 1999, 44% of U.S. employees who got health benefits through work were in a self-insured plan. By 2014, that number had risen to 61%.* Most are at large companies, but increasingly, self-funding is seen as viable for smaller companies. Who’s diving in? What has their experience been?
Published: April 2015

Sun Life Summit 2014: Highlights

Health Care Reform

Catch the highlights of our summit on private exchanges. You’ll hear from private exchange administrators, brokers, consultants, and the Freakonomics guys.
Published: June 2014

Sun Life Summit 2014: Panel

A Public Debate on Private Exchanges

What makes a great private exchange? Do we even know yet? What do employers want? How about consumers? Hear from the leading private exchanges in the country on what they're doing, why they think it's working, and where private exchanges are going.
Published: June 2014

Sun Life Summit 2014: Panel

Six Months In: How Healthy is Health Care Reform?

An insurer, a health care economist, a sociobiologist and others talk about what’s working and what trends they see emerging in the disrupted benefits landscape.
Published: April 2014

Private Exchanges: A Practical Guide

Private Exchanges: A Practical Guide

With the advent of health care reform and public exchanges, private exchanges are rapidly emerging as a new way for companies to control costs while delivering benefits. Watch Private Exchanges: A Practical Guide to learn more.
Published: April 2014

Sun Life Summit 2013: Highlights

Health Care Reform

On October 1, Sun Life launched the first Sun Life Wake Up Summit to address this hot topic.

We recruited Affordable Care Act expert Jonathan Gruber as our keynote speaker and Fox News political analyst Juan Williams as moderator. This video provides a recap of what happened that day.

At Sun Life, we’re committed to offering a variety of group, voluntary and stop loss coverage. And we want to be the best partner we can be. That’s why we’ve been working to provide you with articles, information, and events like this one—the Sun Life Wake Up Summit—that go beyond the products we offer, by providing insights that can help you do your job better.

Published: November 2013

Sun Life Summit 2013: Panel

Health Care 2020: What Will Tomorrow's Health Care Look Like?

Jonathan Gruber rejoined the panel to compare notes on how the practices being implemented today will change the American workplace of 2020.
Published: October 2013

Sun Life Summit 2013: Panel

A Practical Guide for Your Company

What are the 5 most important decisions employers must make in the coming year? How does the ACA work in practice? Will it affect your company? This panel will walk through questions employers and brokers need to ask about their current plan. Panelists will look at the implications for employees, as well as the impact of reform on group and voluntary benefits and how those might fill any voids left by the ACA.
Published: October 2013