Life insurance: Your lifetime protection to empower future generations

When it comes to protecting and providing for the people you love, it takes more than planning for the short term. To ensure that they will be taken care of beyond your lifetime with the legacy you have worked so hard to build, we understand what it takes to provide them with all the financial security they need.

Life insurance has now become one of the most popular components of any well-defined wealth planning strategy for Clients all over the world.

Future - S is Sun Life Singapore’s flagship life insurance, offering lifetime of coverage with 3 options for Guaranteed Death Benefit and flexibility in premium payment terms. With a high Guaranteed Cash Value of at least 85%^ of premium paid, Future - S provides access to liquidity, combined with growth potential through Annual Additions and a Final Addition for additional peace of mind.

^ Please refer to product brochure for details.

Key benefits

A guaranteed lifetime of coverage

A lifetime of protection allowing Clients to enjoy life to the fullest, worry-free.

Flexible premium options

Clients can choose the premium terms that best fit their needs.

High Guaranteed Cash Value of at least 85%^ of premium paid

Access to liquidity when needed.

Strengthen your legacy

Growth potential through Annual Additions, which increase the Death Benefit, and a Final Addition, payable at surrender or death.

Additional details

Minimum coverage
S100 and S70: Sum Assured of USD1,000,000 | NextGen: Sum Assured of USD400,000 and Sun MultiX of USD1,000,000


Benefit term
Whole life

Premium structure
Premium is level and guaranteed

Premium payment term
Age 0 - 75 : Single Pay | Age 0 - 75 : Multi Pay 5 years | Age 0 - 65 : Multi Pay 10 years

Peace of mind

We're looking for new and innovative ways to do more, so that we can provide long-term value to our Clients.

Confidence and peace of mind

Sun Life is backed by a strong AA rating from S&P – the highest rating among life insurance companies in Singapore.

Wealth beyond generations

Honouring our promises and delivering on our commitments for more than 150 years.

Our commitment

We're committed to helping our Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier, brighter lives.

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Future – S is an adjustable life insurance policy which allows the company to change the policy premium or other policy values to reflect certain changes in experience. Please refer to Adjustable Contracts (Criteria for Changes) Policy.

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