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Shiney Prasad Shiney Prasad

Shiney Prasad
President, Digital Enterprise Asia

The Indian GIC landscape has evolved significantly over the last 20 years with the advent and growth of disruptive technologies and we are very confident, we are well on the track of becoming digital transformation hub for our business partners around the world. Today, we are becoming drivers of creating and sustaining competitive edge by way of digitizing functions in the business value chain. That means, more advanced, challenging and future-forward work for our people! There is tremendous focus on building operational excellence with automation and AI and accelerating enterprise digital transformation, of which our people are at the center of.

Rajeev Bhardwaj Rajeev Bhardwaj

Rajeev Bhardwaj
Vice President for HR, ASC

We believe, a culture of appreciation and celebrating achievements help in building camaraderie, among people and creates a positive feel at the workplace. Our employee engagement index in 2019 Global Employee Survey stood at 90%.

Ulyses Simoun Ty Ulyses Simoun Ty

Ulyses Ty
Head of Application Services, ASCP

Sun Life Asia Service Centre’s core digital competencies are mobile, data analytics, visualization and RPA. In the past three years, we have launched more than 200 bots, over 20 digital assets including the Sun Life Mobile Application. We build new business models, enhance operational and value chain efficiency, create best in class experiences to build a digital culture.

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We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment drives innovative results. The synchronicity of various experiences, ideas, background and values result to unique thinking and improved decision making.

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 Our service portfolio is under four categories: Technology, Operations, Knowledge Services, Business Excellence

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