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Last modified: January 28, 2015

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Commenting Policy for Sun Life Financial’s Social Media Channels

Sun Life Financial invites you to provide us with your comments through our social channels.

Protecting your privacy is priority for us. Any information you provide to us via social media (either through public areas or private message) is kept confidential in our records and will be used to help us better understand the interests and needs of individuals like you who choose to communicate with Sun Life Financial through our social media channels. In Sun Life Financial’s records, access to any personal information you may post in your comments will be restricted to those employees, representatives and third party service providers who are responsible for the administration of our social media channels. In some instances these persons may be located outside of your jurisdiction and any personal information you post may be subject to the laws of such foreign jurisdictions. To find out about our Privacy Policy, visit our website at, then select your region; or to obtain information about our privacy practices, send a written request by e-mail to, or by mail to Privacy Officer, Sun Life Financial, 1 York Street, Toronto, Ontario M5J 0B6.

By posting a public comment, you acknowledge and agree that it is not confidential and that if it isn’t your own you have permission to post it. By posting it, you are also giving Sun Life Financial the right to re-use it in any way. From time to time, Sun Life Financial may, at its discretion, modify this commenting policy.

Sun Life Financial reserves the right to remove any comments that it views to be in violation of any of the following guidelines:

  • Protect your privacy
    Any comments or posts to the public areas of our social channels should not include personal or sensitive information. This includes policy, claim or account numbers, as well as email addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses. Sun Life Financial will take steps to remove (or encourage you to remove) public comments that include personal information. Although private messages via the social platform are not accessible to the public at large, Sun Life Financial strongly recommends you use caution when sharing personal information through the social media channels. All of your activity on a social media platform is subject to that site's then current terms and conditions, along with their privacy and data security practices and policies. These platforms are not affiliated with Sun Life Financial and may have practices and policies that are different from our own. For more information on Sun Life Financial’s commitment to privacy, please visit the privacy page on our web site.
  • Respect others
    Please do not publicly identify or reference information about others that has not been voluntarily made available by them in a public post. This includes, but is not limited to, Sun Life Financial employees, advisors, agents and contractors.
  • Content Restrictions
    All applicable laws including copyright laws must be followed. Do not use racist, sexist and/or offensive language. Personal attacks are not permitted. Any comments that are abusive, hateful or of a defamatory nature are not permitted. Do not post a comment that breaks the law or encourages bad behaviour. Do not include false information. Do not include links to any content with a virus or other harmful component. Sun Life Financial is not responsible if there are any claims from third parties related to your comments on our social media channels.
  • Be relevant and considerate
    We ask that you please keep your comments relevant to the topic of conversation. Sun Life Financial will determine if a comment is off topic at its sole discretion, and if appropriate, remove it. Comments that include solicitations will be deleted.
  • Posts are subject to removal
    Sun Life Financial reserves the right to delete/hide any comments that it views to be in violation of this Commenting Policy. We may ban repeat offenders from our social media channels and/or those committing significant violations of these policies.

Questions about your privacy?

If you have questions about our privacy practices and policies, contact our Privacy Officer at 416-408-8850 or via email at

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