Experiencing our strength

Applying our strength and innovation to your multigenerational wealth goals

The Sun Life Financial group of companies’ 150-year heritage inspires and helps drive Sun Life Financial International's innovation in the international, high-net-worth market. And it gives us the strength, perspective and experience to deliver truly effective solutions designed to advance your multigenerational wealth goals.

To appreciate how we can help your family and business across generations and around the world, consider the traits that set us apart.

1. The Sun Life Financial group of companies has a 150-year heritage of strength

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is a strong brand, regulated by Canada’s Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). OSFI was considered to be one of the world’s soundest oversight bodies during the most recent financial crisis. SLOC holds assets far in excess of OSFI’s Minimum Continuing Capital and Surplus Requirements (MCCSR).

2. We offer a tradition of innovation in the international high-net-worth market

Sun Life launched our Bermuda-based international business over 20 years ago and our focus remains exclusively the international, high-net- worth family. We are committed to applying a deep knowledge of the issues facing high-net-worth families and business owners to the design, implementation and monitoring of best-in-class solutions.

3. We adhere to a proven and disciplined approach to risk management.

This is supported by a “tone from the top” risk culture and a company-wide process of identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring risks.

We're ready to help you

Your wealth is at the core of a successful future for your family, for generations to come, for your business and for the charitable groups you cherish. Your legacy can ground them in financial stability and power their flight to new heights. By strengthening your roots and their wings now, we can help you carry your success forward.

Applying our strength to your family, business and multigenerational wealth goals

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