Our Clients are successful individuals who work hard to build their assets.  We see our mission in helping Clients preserve, advance, and transfer their wealth to the next generations.

Life insurance is a vital component of a well-defined wealth planning strategy for High Net Worth families.  We offer a broad range of product solutions that provide the right balance of protection and guarantees, and offer various features customized to let Clients preserve, access and transfer wealth across generations.

Cross-border life insurance solutions protect Clients’ lifestyle, provide their children with liquid assets to pay off debts or estate taxes and, perhaps most importantly, enough wealth to maintain their affluent lifestyles.

Each Client is unique.  So are their motivations to seek cross-border life insurance.  At the heart of it, however, lies the need for a secure insurance provider with a long history, based in a stable jurisdiction.  Sun Life provides this security. 

Insurance companies are judged by their ability to pay claims.  Sun Life has been doing it for more than 150 years.

Clients count on us.  We make their life plan a reality.  Together.

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