Financial strength

Applying our strength and innovation to your multigenerational wealth goals

At Sun Life Financial International, our promise is to help you preserve, advance and transfer your wealth and achieve your multigenerational goals over time and across geographic borders. We stand behind this promise with two core and unique traits:

  • For 150 years, the Sun Life Financial family of companies has weathered economic ups-and-downs and today stands as a strong and stable financial organization. Simply put, millions of people worldwide trust and rely on Sun Life Financial.
  • Sun Life Financial International launched the Bermuda-based business in 1996 and continues to offer innovative  insurance solutions. This empowers your family and business to benefit from Bermuda’s historic political stability and its laws, which do not currently assess any income, withholding, or capital gains taxes in Bermuda.

Independent rating agencies consistently give Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada top ratings.[1]

AGENCY 2015 2014 2013 2012
Standard & Poor's AA-1 AA- AA- AA-
A.M. Best A+2 A+ A+ A+
Moody's Aa33
High Quality
Aa3 Aa3 Aa3

Current ratings are at
1As of April 15,2016. 
2As of November 11, 2015. 
3As of July 23, 2015.

Engineering Life Insurance Solutions for international, high-net-worth families

Or Life Insurance solutions are written by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Bermuda Branch). Because a branch is a geographically defined part of a larger company, our life insurance products:

  • Benefit from the same financial ratings assigned to Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, which has a solid capital position and maintains strong ratings from independent agencies. 1
  • Offer guarantees that are backed by the financial strength of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada; remember that an insurance product’s guarantee is only as valuable as the issuing company’s ability to honor it.
  • Are subject to applicable Canadian laws and regulations. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is subject to Canada’s Winding-Up and Restructuring Act (WURA). This Act sets the priorities for the winding-up of insolvent insurance companies, ensuring that policyholders are credited before debtors and shareholders of preferred and common stock.[2]

Helping preserve, access and transfer their wealth across generations.

Our universal life insurance products are designed to address two top-of-mind concerns for international, high-net worth families – providing the protection and liquidity they require, and allowing for the efficient passing of wealth to future generations.

[1] Current ratings are at

[2]An insolvent Canadian insurance company would be subject to the Winding-Up and Restructuring Act (Canada) (WURA). Generally, the WURA places the claims of policyholders ahead of unsecured creditors, subordinated debt holders, and holders of preferred and common shares. The WURA does not guarantee that policyholders will be credited. Information on the WURA is informational and should not be considered legal advice. Clients with specific questions concerning the WURA should consult private counsel.

The Sun Life Financial group of companies operates under the "Sun Life Financial" name. Sun Life Financial, Inc., the publicly traded holding company for the Sun Life Financial group of companies, is not a product offing company and is not the guarantor of the obligation of its subsidiaries. In certain communications, the company may be referred to as "Sun Life Financial International" strictly as a marketing name and no legal significance is expressed or implied.

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