The Sun Life Indemnity PPO Dental plan includes a vision discount plan through Vision Service Plan (VSP). The vision plan includes discounts on exams and the purchase of eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and other prescription eyewear when provided by VSP doctors. VSP is available for you and everyone covered on your dental plan!

3 easy steps to using VSP
  • Find a VSP network doctor near you at or call 800-877-7195 to request a doctor listing.

  • Tell the doctor you are a VSP member and provide the covered member’s social security number when you make your appointment.

  • Fees are automatically reduced at the time of service – with no claim forms to fill out!

Note: This Vision Discount Program Is Not Insurance.

  1. Does not apply to contact lens services. See Contact Lenses section for applicable discount.
  2. Discounts only offered through the VSP doctor who provided an eye exam within the last 12 months.

Vision Provider Search

Provider search allow Indemnity PPO dental plan member to easily locate participating vision providers

Benefits of using VSP

Service Reduced prices and savings

WellVision Exam®

  • $50 with purchase of a complete pair of prescription glasses.
  • 20% off without purchase.
  • Once every calendar year.
Retinal screening
  • Guaranteed pricing with WellVision Exam, not to exceed $39.

With purchase of a complete pair of prescription glasses:

  • Single vision $40
  • Lined trifocals $75
  • Lined bifocals $60
  • Polycarbonate for children $0
Lens enhancements
  • Average savings of 20-25% on lens enhancements such as progressive,scratch-resistant, and anti-reflective coatings.


  • 25% savings when a complete pair of prescription glasses is purchased.
  • 20% savings on unlimited non-prescription sunglasses from any VSPdoctor within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam.
Contact lenses
  • 15% savings on contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation).
Laser vision correction
  • Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price;discounts only available from contracted facilities.


New hire and enrollment questions?

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Existing plan member questions?

PPO: 800-442-7742
Prepaid: 800-443-2995

To submit a claim, mail to:

Sun Life
P.O. Box 2940
Clinton, IA, 52733-29400

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