Transferring your wealth more

Strategies for transferring your wealth

Designing a comprehensive wealth transfer strategy today may help your family enjoy a financial legacy free from complications tomorrow. By planning ahead with your financial professional, you can be more confident that you will leave the legacy you want to your family and important charitable organizations. Your financial professional will guide you and the process can start by understanding core obstacles and opportunities.

Obstacle: Forced heirship laws

Many jurisdictions require either a portion or all of an estate be directed to either the government or specific family members.
Strategy: Off-shore life insurance is often appealing because it allows you to direct the death benefits as you wish. Whether the death benefit is directed toward surviving family, unrelated persons or charitable organizations, the choice is up to you.

Obstacle: Limited assets for the continuation of a business left after estate taxes are paid

Financially maintaining a company while accounting for what is due to the estate of the deceased or to the government can often be burdensome, time consuming and detrimental to the company’s success.
Strategy: Off-shore Life Insurance may protect the existence of your business by providing tax-efficient liquidity to meet ownership repurchase liabilities and government taxation requirements.

Opportunity: Control the distribution of wealth

You may want to attach special provisions to your financial legacies. This may include different distribution plans for individuals or generations. Or perhaps you wish to leave some of your wealth to educational, religious or civic organizations.
Strategy: Some off-shore financial solutions allow you to address heirship equalization matters with discretion. The careful planning of a legacy may use wills, trusts, assignment of property, charity designations, tax planning, as well as off-shore financial products, designed to help meet your multigenerational wealth goals.

Opportunity: Guarantee that there will be a predetermined amount of wealth to transfer

Guaranteeing there will be a certain amount of wealth to transfer when the time arrives in the face of numerous expenses, taxes and restrictions can help you feel more confident about the eventual transfer of your wealth.
Strategy: Some financial products offer optional guarantees that ensure your family members and/or important charities will receive your original investment back at a minimum. In addition, there are products that include more options with the goal of enabling you to provide a greater legacy.

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