Fraud alerts and information

Fraud alerts and information

Sun Life is a name that people around the world trust. Criminals try to use that trust to their advantage, through misusing our brand, logo or corporate name for fraudulent activities. That’s why we need to continuously monitor and thoroughly investigate these activities, to protect our good name and to protect our clients.

If you suspect you’ve been the victim of an attempted fraud using the Sun Life Financial of Canada name, contact us immediately.

Watch for these frauds

The common schemes criminals are using to take your money in the name of Sun Life Financial of Canada – and how to avoid them

Learn more about our common fraud alerts and see examples of other common frauds

Spotting fraud

Phishing, pharming, social engineering and other ways criminals use modern technology and old-fashioned trickery to steal from you

Learn more about how to spot fraud

How to protect yourself from fraud

It’s old advice, but it’s still valid: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here are some important points about common frauds you might run across:


  • If you didn’t enter a lottery, you can’t win it.
  • There are no email draws or lotteries where tickets are not sold – ticket sales pay for the prizes, so no sales = no prizes. Legitimate lottery operators will not ask you for a payment before you can claim your winnings.
  • Sun Life Financial of Canada will never ask you for an advance processing fee.

Personal loans

  • Sun Life Financial of Canada does not offer personal loans. We won’t take any fees off the original loan amount as it is illegal for a company to request an upfront fee before granting a loan.

Making payments

  • Sun Life Financial of Canada will not send you cheques with overpayment and ask you to deposit the correct amount into your account and deposit the excess into another account.
  • Sun Life Financial of Canada will never ask you to transfer funds by wire to us.

Identity theft

  • We will never call or email you to ask for personal information such as passwords, bank account information or credit card numbers, unless you contact us first and we are responding to you.

Do your research. Make sure the people and companies you deal with are legitimate. You can find helpful information through reputable sources here, Anti-fraud site and reporting agencies.

What to do if you suspect fraud

Contact us if:

  • you think you’ve been the target of a scam
  • you get a suspicious email or telephone call from a person who claims to represent Sun Life Financial of Canada, but something about it doesn’t look or sound right to you
  • you’ve shared your personal information with someone who turned out to be a scammer

Trust your instincts: If something doesn’t feel right to you, it may be a scam. And if something you think is a scam turns out to be a genuine business message from Sun Life Financial of Canada, don’t worry – we’ll be glad you asked us about it.

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