Advancing your wealth

The goal: advancing your wealth

“How do we continue to build our wealth while paying for the best possible education for our children?”

Creating wealth is one thing. But truly advancing it is a different matter altogether, with its own set of challenges, opportunities and decisions. To face them with confidence, you need a plan that supports your unique needs, aspirations and situation—even as they evolve over time.

Meet Lucia and Carlos Lopez

The Lopez family
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    Lucia and Carlos Lopez have worked with their financial professional to create and maintain a well-diversified portfolio and they’ve seen their wealth blossom over recent years.

    They want their wealth to pay for the best education, from elementary to graduate schools, for their three young children. But it’s an expensive proposition—Lucia and Carlos, with guidance from their financial professional, estimate that at least USD 2 million will be required to provide their children with superior educational opportunities, wherever in the world they may be.

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    While Lucia and Carlos know they have the liquid financial assets to pay for upcoming educational costs, they also seek to build more wealth for themselves so they can pass on as much as they can to their family. That makes it critical for them to pursue growth opportunities with returns that may outpace ever-rising educational costs and help them accumulate greater wealth. They also recognize the need to be able to pay for their children’s education, potentially over decades, if anything were to happen to Carlos.

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    A universal life (UL) insurance product with a cash value that can be accessed to protect Carlos’s future earnings and provide replacement income may help Lucia and Carlos:

    • Pass on as much as they can to their children efficiently.
    • Ensure their children have access to liquid assets for education and other expenses if anything happens to Carlos.

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