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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management of the business and affairs of Sun Life, with each director contributing to the long-term success of the enterprise.

James H. Sutcliffe, FIA
Sun Life Financial Inc.

William D. Anderson, FCPA, FCA
Corporate Director

John H. Clappison, FCPA, FCA
Corporate Director

Dean A. Connor

President &
Chief Executive Officer,
Sun Life Financial Inc.

Stephanie L. Coyles
Corporate Director

Martin J. G. Glynn
Corporate Director

M. Marianne Harris
Corporate Director

Sara Grootwassink Lewis, CPA, CFA
Corporate Director
Chief Executive Officer,
Lewis Corporate Advisors, LLC

Scott F. Powers

Corporate Director

Réal Raymond, FICB
Chairman, Métro Inc.
Chairman, Héroux-Devtek Inc.

Hugh D. Segal, CM
Master of Massey College

Barbara G. Stymiest, FCPA, FCA
Corporate Director

A. Greig Woodring, FSA
Corporate Director

The Board of Directors serves both Sun Life Financial Inc. and Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. With the exception of the Chief Executive Officer, Dean A. Connor, all of the directors are independent, according to the   Director Independence Policy.

The Board strives for continuous improvement in its corporate governance processes and practices. These are reviewed regularly to ensure consistency with evolving best practices as well as regulations such as:

  • Sun Life's governing statute
  • Insurance Companies Act (Canada)
  • Canadian Securities Administrators' Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • New York Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Rules
  • Guidelines for Effective Corporate Governance in Federally Regulated Financial Institutions, issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

Detailed information about Board governance can be found in the   Charter of the Board of Directors and our   Management Information Circular. The standards and processes for determining the independence of directors are outlined in the   Director Independence Policy.

Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board is an independent director who is responsible for providing leadership to enhance the effectiveness and independence of the Board. Key duties include:

  • Chairing meetings and encouraging open discussion and debate
  • Managing the affairs of the Board of Directors
  • Assisting the directors in carrying out their responsibilities
  • Enhancing the cohesion of the Board
  • Attending all committee meetings

Board Committee Chair

The Chair of a Board Committee is an independent director who provides leadership so that the Committee can fulfil its duties and responsibilities effectively. Duties include chairing committee meetings, reporting to the Board and presenting recommendations. Committee chairs, in consultation with the Chairman of the Board, may engage independent advisors at the expense of Sun Life. A Chair is normally appointed for a term of 5 years.

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is required to be a director on the Board of Directors, according to the Insurance Companies Act (Canada).

Working closely with the Chairman of the Board, the Board of Directors and the Executive team, the CEO ensures that the company establishes appropriate goals, manages its resources to meet these goals and executes the steps needed to deliver the best possible business performance. A key responsibility of the CEO is to monitor Sun Life’s overall long-term position in the international financial services environment and grow the business in selected global markets.

  Position description: Chief Executive Officer

Position descriptions for directors, the Chairman of the Board and Board Committee Chairs are also included in the   Charter of the Board of Directors.

For issues that require in-depth review, the Board of Directors delegates the  responsibility to Board Committees.

Here is a brief summary of some of the key responsibilities of the Board Committees.

Audit & Conduct Review Committee

The Audit & Conduct Review Committee oversees the following:

  • Integrity of financial statements
  • Compliance with financial regulatory requirements
  • Adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control environment
  • Policies and processes to sustain ethical behaviour
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Qualifications, independence and performance of the external auditor

William D. Anderson, Chair
Sara Grootwassink Lewis
Réal Raymond
Hugh D. Segal
Barbara G. Stymiest

  Charter of the Audit & Conduct Review Committee

Governance, Nomination & Investment Committee

The Governance, Nomination & Investment Committee has responsibilities relating to:

  • Governance. Develops corporate governance guidelines
  • Board of Directors. Assesses the effectiveness of the Board of Directors, Committees and individual directors; identifies and recommends individuals for nomination who display competencies, skills and qualities that complement the current Board composition
  • Investments. Oversees policies, practices, procedures and controls related to management of the general fund investment portfolio as well as approving and monitoring the annual Investment Plan

John H. Clappison, Chair
Sara Grootwassink Lewis
Scott F. Powers
Hugh D. Segal

  Charter of the Governance, Nomination & Investment Committee

Management Resources Committee

The Management Resources Committee is responsible for succession planning for the Chief Executive Officer and senior management positions. Key tasks include:

  • Overseeing CEO and senior management appointments
  • Reviewing performance and remuneration
  • Promoting the development of candidates for senior management positions
  • Reviewing practices and policies for executive compensation and incentives
  • Reviewing the Employee value proposition with a focus on Employee engagement and company culture
  • Overseeing employee pension plans

M. Marianne Harris, Chair
Martin J.G. Glynn
Scott F. Powers
Hugh D. Segal

  Charter of the Management Resources Committee

Risk Review Committee

The Risk Review Committee is responsible for the corporation's risk appetite framework, which includes:

  • Overseeing the identification of major areas of risk and strategies to manage those risks
  • Compliance with risk management policies
  • Overseeing policies, practices, procedures and controls related to capital structure
  • Compliance with regulatory capital requirements
  • Monitoring the annual Capital Plan

Barbara G. Stymiest, Chair
William D. Anderson
Martin J.G. Glynn
M. Marianne Harris
Réal Raymond

  Charter of the Risk Review Committee

Contact the Board of Directors

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