Additional information about customer personal data

1.   Client’s Rights

Based on prevailing laws and regulations on Personal Data Protection and in connection with the consent of  providing as well as utilizing/processing Personal Data of the Policy Owner/Insured /Beneficiary (“Client”) that has been given to Sun Life Indonesia through the Application Form for all purposes mentioned in the said Application Form, hereby Sun Life Indonesia informs that:

1.  The Client has the right to cease the process, delete and/or destroy Client’s Personal Data pursuant to the law and regulation;

2.  The Client has the right to withdraw Personal Data proceeding consent that has been given to Sun Life Indonesia;

3.  The Client has the right to submit objection over an act of decision making that is based only on automatic processing, including profiling, that causes legal consequences or significant impact to the Client;

4.  The Client has the right to postpone or limit Personal Data processing proportionally according to the purpose of the Personal Data processing;

5.  The Client has the right to sue and receive compensation for violation of Client’s Personal Data processing according to the law and regulation;

6.   The Client has the right to obtain and/or use Client’s Personal Data from Sun Life Indonesia in a form which is appropriate with the commonly used structure and/or format and readable by electronic systems; and

7.   The Client has the right to use and send Client’s Personal Data to other Sun Life Indonesia affiliation, to the extent that the system may communicate securely according to the principle of Personal Data Protection as stipulated under the Law.

8.  For the exercise on the Client’s rights above, therefore the Client may submit application to exercise the rights through a registered application that is submitted electronically or non-electronically to Sun Life Indonesia.

Client’s Rights above may be exempt/waived for the purpose of the exercise of legal provisions , related to special interest as follow (“Special Interest”)

1.  Interest of National Defense and Security;

2.  Interest of Law Enforcement Process;

3. Public interest on the exercise of state administration;

4. Interest in supervising the financial service sector, monetary, payment system and the stability of the financial system on the exercise of state administration; or

5. Interest on statistic and scientific research.

2. Personal Data Retention

All documents containing Client’s Personal Data will be stored/retained in Sun Life Indonesia’s data center during the Policy term and a maximum of 11 years after the Client’s policy termination or after the completion of Client’s transaction (“Retention Period”).

Retention Period may change over time and will be effective immediately pursuant with Sun Life Indonesia policies and/or applicable laws and regulations and may be exempted/waived for the exercise of Special Interest.

3.   Personal Data Processing Period

In respect with the Client’s Personal Data processing purposes as stated in the Application Form, therefore Sun Life Indonesia is committed to process the Client’s Personal Data during Retention Period.

4.   Personal Data Removal

After the completion of the Retention Period, unless there is Special Interest, all Client’s Personal Data that is stored in Sun Life Indonesia’s data center will be removed or destroyed according to the applicable law and regulation.