Public Accountability Statement

We're committed to making life brighter around the world

2012 Public Accountability Statement and Sustainability Report

Making life brighter

Sun Life's 2012 Public Accountability Statement and Sustainability Report highlights the many philanthropic, social and community programs we supported in 2012. It also introduces several new initiatives we adopted as we continue to reinforce our presence in the worldwide network of sustainable companies, such as the Global Reporting Initiative.

We are committed to operating as a sustainable company that delivers value and makes life brighter for our stakeholders, today and into the future.

Download the PDF complete Public Accountability Statement.

What's inside

Please consider the environment

Sun Life has a long-standing commitment to sustainability. You can help us lighten our environmental footprint and reduce printed material by downloading the complete Public Accountability Statement.

If you require a print version of the 2012 Public Accountability Statement, contact us to request a free copy.