History of the Sun Life logo

Our logo has evolved along with Sun Life over the years. From our beginnings, the sun has been a powerful constant in our logo. A symbol of the strength, warmth and light we‘re committed to giving our customers as we help them achieve lifetime financial security.

You can witness the evolution of the Sun Life logo below:

T.B. Macaulay, Sun Life’s president from 1915 to 1934, wrote in his 1893 trademark registration renewal letter that this logo represented the classical legend of Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun. Sun Life logo in 1874: Phaeton and the chariot of the sun

This design was one of the first to be used in our printed material. The symbol was pressed into the gold seal at the bottom of all Sun Life policies from 1890 until the 1960s, when computer printouts became the norm. Sun Life logo in 1900: Sun through the clouds

This logo often included the slogan "Prosperous and Progressive." The slogan was dropped during the years following the Great Depression. Sun Life logo in 1907: Sun over mountains

Used in a variety of printed material, from internal publications to agents’ contracts, this logo was discontinued during World War II. Sun Life logo in 1915: Sun in cloud with buckle

Employee Austin Wright designed this logo depicting Sun Life’s Montreal, Canada, head office building. At the time, it was the largest office building in the British Empire. And its basement was the secret storage location of British securities during World War II. Variations of the building's image were used in our printed material for 20 years. Sun Life logo in 1946: Head office building, Montreal

The Tree of Life logo was created by Montreal designer, Allan Harrison, who said of his design, "The sun is universally accepted as a positive generating force in life. Without the sun, man could not live. To relate this fact to the services of the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada became the task."
Sun Life logo in 1965: Tree of life

Developed for the U.S. market by advertising agency Ingalls Associates, this stylized logo quickly caught on in both Canada and Britain.

Sun Life logo in 1974: Stylized 'u' and 'n'
Firm Stewart and Morrison designed this logo, introduced at the1986 annual general meeting by former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thomas M. Galt. He introduced it by saying, “as the Sun Life family of companies has grown…it is appropriate to have a new, up-to-date symbol to represent our family relationship and remind our people and clients of our common purpose. The new symbol brings together in graphic design the first letter of our name with a picture of the sun, the nurturer and protector of life."

Sun Life logo in 1987: Sunburst S
In 2000, the company introduced the now familiar Sun Life Financial logo -- the sun and earth combined-- to mark our evolution from a life insurance provider to one of the world’s top financial services organizations. The sun symbol represents power, energy and life-giving growth. The earth symbol represents our global reach and diverse financial products and services. Sun Life logo in 2000: Sun and earth