Special issue: Psychology Today Talking 'Bout the Generations!

Published by Psychology Today. Exclusive to Sun Life.

Download the Psychology Today special HR issue

What mistake are millennials making as they enter the job market? What do you tell an employee whose boss is a bully? How many 401(k) options are too many?

Sun Life asked Psychology Today to explore a variety of issues pertinent to HR people. The result is this 24-page issue full of insights and useful tips. For instance, here’s what Tammy Erickson, author of numerous books on generational differences in the workplace, says about Millennials:

To most Milliennials, the word 'feedback' doesn’t connote assessment or judgment. It connotes learning, tips, coaching, and ways to do things better. When a Millennial says ‘give me more feedback,’ they are really saying ‘teach me something.’

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