Meeting the Challenges of Absence and Disability Management

Challenges of Absence and Disability Management

Read our new white paper for key information about managing absences and disabilities

Managing employee leaves is one of the most challenging personnel issues for employers.  Complex statutory and regulatory requirements enable employees to take leaves from work under various circumstances. These laws overlap and sometimes conflict with each other, imposing heavy burdens on employers to track and provide notice to employees. This white paper helps you understand the FMLA and ADA and outlines the risks of not complying with these laws. It also discusses workforce trends and provides tips for complying with the FMLA and ADA. Return-to-work solutions and wellness programs are also discussed. It will provide a good overview of key absence and disability management topics and give you information regarding steps you can take now toward a workable plan.

Our white paper will answer questions including:

  • What is the FMLA?
  • What is the ADA?
  • What is the EEOC good faith interactive process?
  • What do I need to know about inflexible leave/100%-healed policies?
  • How can I better manage workplace absences?
  • Does wellness play a role in absence management?
  • How do return-to-work programs help?
  • What steps can I take now?

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