Value-added services

SLPC 25204 01/16 (exp. 01/18)

Sun Life's value-added services complement our product solutions, providing real benefits that both employers and employees can take advantage of today or when faced with an emergency.

The needs we address:

  • “Right now” benefits that make people's lives easier
  • Protection for tomorrow – giving employees peace of mind and support to handle the unexpected
  • Effective support systems to help employers reduce claim costs and keep employees productive
  • Valuable group and voluntary solutions that help businesses increase employee loyalty and retention
Emergency Travel Assistance and Identity Theft Protection1
(Available with Basic life, Voluntary Life, and Accident insurance)
  • Emergency Travel Assistance provides help anywhere in the world in the event of a medical, dental, or legal emergency. Employees and their families can access pre-qualified, English-speaking medical professionals (including doctors and pharmacists), as well as emergency medical evacuations and legal and interpreter services.
  • Read real-life examples of Emergency Travel Assistance:
  • Identity Theft Protection helps employees prevent identity theft from occurring and restores their personal financial records if it does. This includes 24-hour surveillance for up to 10 credit or debit cards, as well as telephone support and prompt notification of fraud or breach of personal information.
  • SecurAssist® Global Services give employers access to an elite team of professionals who provide expertise, education, and services in the areas of travel security, risk assessment, protective services, special events, and more.
Claimant Support Services and Online Will Preparation2
(Available with Basic Life and Voluntary Life)
  • Claimant Support Services are available 24x7 to connect claimants and their families with emotional support, financial planning, and legal information. With this EAP offering for claimants, employees have access to professionals (such as clinicians, attorneys, and accountants from ComPsych® Corporation, a guidance resources company) and can utilize up to five telephone counseling sessions per claim.
  • Online Will Preparation is a service that helps employees and their families easily create a will, with step-by-step guidance.
Health care support services3
(Available with all Critical Illness products)
  • The HealthChampionSM program by ComPsych® Corporation is staffed by registered nurses and medical benefits professionals who answer questions about medical coverage, provide guidance on benefits, explain a diagnosis and treatment options, and much more.
Convenience Resources and Adult/Elder Care Support4
(Available with Customized Disability)
  • Convenience Resources offer employees and their families access to trained specialists from Harris, Rothenberg International, Inc., who can conduct research on their behalf. These services can help simplify day-to-day activities by providing referrals for everyday needs from gift and travel ideas to relocation services.
  • Adult/Elder Care Support allows employees and their families to consult with a specialist on a variety of topics ranging from coping with a disability to finding a caregiver for an elderly parent.

1. Services are provided by Assist America®, the nation's largest provider of global emergency travel assistance services through group benefit plans. Services are not insurance. Identity theft services are provided through Assist America's SecurAssist® Identity Theft Protection service. Assist America® and SecurAssist® are registered service marks of Assist America, Inc.
2. Services are provided by ComPsych®, the world's largest provider of global employee assistance programs. Services are not insurance. ComPsych® is a registered trademark of ComPsych Corporation.
3. HealthChampionSM (a health care support service) is provided by ComPsych.
4. Convenience Resources and Adult/Elder Care Support services are provided by Harris, Rothenberg International, Inc., a service provider not affiliated with Sun Life.

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Value-added services are offered only on specific lines of coverage and carry a separate charge, which is added to the cost of the insurance. The cost is included in the total amount billed. Sun Life is not responsible or liable for care, services, or advice given by any provider or vendor of these Services. Sun Life reserves the right to discontinue any of the Services at any time.