Tools for employers

By setting up a savings plan, you have taken positive action to help your employees save and invest wisely for their retirement. Here you will find information about all the resources available to help you guide them toward achieving their goals.

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> Online VRSP application

Tools to help you get started with your new VRSP

Advance notice letter

Template to use for notifying employees 30 days before the effective date of the VRSP.

New plan promotion kit

Simple steps to encourage participation in your savings program and help you achieve the best possible results.

Enrolment guide and other tools for your employees

Documentation to help your employees understand their plan.

VRSP Investment Guide

Brochure outlining simple and effective investment solutions for the VRSP.

Contracts and other legal documents

Contract, plan text and description of fund operations for the Sun Life Financial VRSP.

Plan administration reference tools

Brochure – Ready... set... VRSP!

Explanatory guide for employers on how VRSPs work.

How to enrol a member in the plan

Description of the procedure for enrolling a member in five easy steps.

How to submit contributions

Description of the procedure for sending your employees' contributions to Sun Life.

How to set up pre-authorized withdrawals

Description of the procedure for setting up a pre-authorized withdrawal arrangement via the Plan Sponsor Services website.

Employee VRSP opt-out form

Form to be filled out by the employee who does not wish to participate in the VRSP.

Employee VRSP participation offer

Letter sent by an employer two years after an active employee has opted out to offer participation in the plan or confirm the opt-out.

Vos obligations comme employeur

Retraite Québec summary of the obligations of an employer offering a VRSP to their employees (in French only).

Plan Sponsor Services site

Plan administration website where you can perform different types of transactions, such as enrolment, contribution remittance and terminations. You will receive your user id as well as your password to access it once your plan setup has been completed.

For more information about VRSPs, you can also visit the Retraite Québec website.