Preserving your wealth

The goal: preserving your wealth

“We’re working hard to build our wealth and we want to make sure it is there for our children and for generations to come.”

Wealth can be fleeting. Inflation, rising taxes, political instability, income disruptions and unanticipated financial needs all can have a significant impact on you and multiple generations of your family.

Fortunately, your financial professional can help you identify steps you can take now to help protect your wealth from challenges that may await you and your family across geographic borders and over time. Because, it’s not only about what you’ve built—it’s about what you can pass on for generations.

Meet Leila and Amir Khan

The Khan family
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    Following the sale of their textile company, which they founded 20 years ago, Leila and Amir Khan have become a high-net-worth family and are enjoying the affluence and purchasing power that comes with their new situation. As the Khans look forward to the next chapter in their lives, their primary financial goal has expanded from building wealth to building and preserving their wealth so they will have the resources they need to maintain their lifestyle for decades to come while having an ample amount to pass it on to future generations.

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    In the face of recent market volatility and political uncertainty in their country, the Khans considered moving the bulk of their financial assets from equities to stable value investments, such as short-term bonds and money market funds.

    Their financial professional explained to the Khans that such a move could expose their wealth to the threat of inflation and that stable value investments may not be able to support their lifestyle goals throughout a long retirement — especially since they want to leave a substantial legacy for future generations.

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    The Khans’ financial professional may recommend an off-shore life insurance solution that protects Leila and Amir’s lifestyle if the unexpected happens to either one of them. It can also provide their children with liquid assets to pay off debts or estate taxes and, perhaps most importantly, enough wealth to maintain their affluent lifestyles.

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