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Sun Life ASC welcomes you to an open and nurturing culture

Where You Are Valued

Hiring The Best Fit

We believe there is more to people than what is portrayed by their resume or their performance during an interview. We work with recruitment partners and scout social media networks and university campuses to get diverse talent. The shortlisted candidates are further evaluated by our managers and leadership to assess fitment. We don’t let distances stop us – video or on-call interviews help us reach people across borders.
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I learnt a lot at Sun Start. The two-day session gave me all the information I needed to start my new life here. The sessions were fun, informative, and creative – a great way to start!
Shalini Koli, Finance

Open, Receptive, And Flexible

We Know Communication Is A Two-Way Street

Sun Life ASC is focused on creating a transparent and nurturing culture. Our managers hold regular team huddles to make specific action plans and give feedback to their teams. Such initiatives keep everyone aligned with Sun Life ASC goals, as they provide an understanding of how individual and team goals contribute to the organization.
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My managers and leaders are very receptive to feedback. They encourage us to open up and speak our minds. Regular floor town halls allow us to discuss our concerns with the leaders. As part of the ‘You Said, We Did’ initiative, we were updated about the progress on our feedback through the employee portal.
Promila Bhardwaj, Business Excellence

We Make Life Brighter For You

Because you are worth it

Beyond work, we encourage our employees to indulge in their hobbies by holding informal knowledge sharing sessions on interest areas such as photography and cycling. We also encourage doses of fun between projects as they boost productivity and creativity. Two clubs at Sun Life – Josh Club and eMerge – have been tasked with organizing fun initiatives in office.
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My daughter loved Sun Splash, the annual kids painting competition. She now knows where her papa works and is quite proud of it!
Devesh Gupta, Information Security

Train To Conquer

As You Grow, So Do We

Investing in employees is equivalent to investing in the company’s growth. Under our ‘Learn for Life’ policy, we connect our employees to the right people, tools, and resources to enable them to explore, engage, and excel. Our learning ecosystem supports the various development needs of employees at different stages of their professional lifecycle.
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I started as a Systems Analyst and managed to move to what I love to do –problem solving. Apart from helping me grow in the technical space, Sun Life also ensured that I grew holistically. I’ve had opportunities to learn myriad new skills and technologies – from cloud solutions to project management, situational leadership, and even public speaking despite being on a wheelchair. The environment of continuous growth makes Sun Life a great place to be in.
Mikki Palacio, Application Services

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