Ulyses Simoun Ty

Rajat Vibhas Rajat Vibhas

Head of Application Services, ASC

Ulyses 'Uly' Ty is the Head of ASCP Application Services and serves as one of the members of the ASC Leadership team. He has set up a successful Robotics capability at Asia Service Centres, and has demonstrated thought leadership in driving agile discussions with Asian countries. He has also driven a successful innovation agenda at ASC by setting up the Digital Technology Group in partnership with regional office. 

Uly is a seasoned technology professional with 20 years of work experience, Uly has held leadership roles in Safeway & Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. He was awarded the RPA Asia COE in the 2019 CEO Awards and managed the Asia digital ecosystem in agile, DevOps, mobile, and portal apps.​

Uly is a Psychology & Business Management graduate from De La Salle University.  ​

He loves spending time with his wife and 2 boys. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books and serves  in his church.