For over 150 years, our Clients have counted on us to meet our long-term commitments to them. That’s why being a resilient organization is a strategic imperative — so we can continue to be here for decades to come.

It’s about cultivating an organization that is competitive, forward-thinking and sustainable for the long term. We believe this focus is a key differentiator and value-driver for Sun Life as we strive to be one of the best insurance and asset management companies in the world.

Client focus

Our Clients are at the centre of everything we do and we are focused on building lasting relationships with them. We believe this will allow us to maximize the value and service we provide to our Clients, and lead to better business outcomes for Sun Life.

Our Client-centric strategy means we’re working harder than ever to ensure we’re modernizing and humanizing our brand, while maintaining our core attributes of being a caring, optimistic and relevant company. The strategy is centered on three themes that reflect our Client focus:

Easy to do business with

Proactive contact

Problem resolution

2019 Goals:

  • Continue to bring our Client focus themes (easy to do business with, proactive contact, problem resolution) to life across all of our business lines
  • Continue to implement plain language initiative with a focus on training and tools that support employees

Digital innovation

Sun Life has been at the forefront of the industry in introducing digital and mobile technology into our businesses. Digital technology is revolutionizing the Client experience in ways never before possible – like submitting a health claim using the camera on your cellphone and directing the payment into your retirement savings account, or finding the best health-care provider for you or your family in a matter of seconds.

We’re transforming our business by digitizing current operations and creating innovative new models that can delight our Clients, demystify a complex business and support the important work of our advisors and partners

2019 Goals:

  • Align digital metrics across various regions to enhance global reporting on digital outcomes

Data security and privacy

Being in the insurance and wealth management business, we handle sensitive personal information, from medical records to financial statements. Our business is therefore dependent on maintaining a secure, confidential environment for our Clients’, employees’ and other partners’ information, to ensure we protect and manage it with great care.

Our global security awareness program educates all employees on their security responsibilities and Sun Life’s Security Policy. The program includes mandatory security training, security alerts and bulletins, and additional training for specific groups such as managers and system administrators.

Our Global Privacy Program is embedded in our enterprise-wide risk management framework and includes various standards and processes. Our Global Privacy Commitment outlines principles to ensure personal information remains private and confidential.

Talent management

With 37,000 employees across the globe, attracting, retaining and developing top talent is central to our success. We believe the more engaged our employees are, the more productive and passionate they will be in delivering on our Purpose of helping our Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives.

  • We offer in-house training, leadership development for junior managers to senior executives, job rotation and tuition assistance, as well as an e-learning portal (our Global Learning Centre) containing more than 10,000 courses, tools and resources
  • We encourage open, two-way dialogue with our employees and seek their input through various channels, including through a 360-degree feedback program, performance reviews and career planning sessions, social media channels and our Global Engagement Survey, which measures the degree to which employees are invested in Sun Life and motivated to contribute their best.

2019 Goals:

  • Continue to measure the engagement of our employees
  • Continue to invest in the development of our employees

Workforce wellness

Employee wellness underpins our ability to deliver exceptional service to Clients, attract and retain top talent and continually enhance our high-performance culture. We’re committed to supporting employees in strengthening their well-being and empowering them to bring their best selves to work.

Aligned with Sun Life’s Purpose, our Global Wellness Strategy centres on three pillars of employee health: physical, mental and financial wellness. This approach helps frame our benefits programs, set priorities and embed a wellness mindset into our everyday activities.

Three areas of focus:

Mental Wellness

Physical Wellness

Financial Wellness

2019 Goals:

  • Evaluate global wellness challenge for improvement opportunities
  • Expand successful regional wellness programs to other jurisdictions

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is in our DNA. We embrace it because it unleashes creativity, fosters innovation and drives value – and it’s the right thing to do.

Across Sun Life, our business practices reflect a commitment to diversity of all kinds – gender, race, religion, age, country of origin, sexual orientation – and encourage diverse perspectives, experiences and beliefs. We do this because by better reflecting and connecting with our communities, we can more effectively anticipate the unique needs of our Clients. D&I also increases our agility and ability to compete in the complex, fast-paced global environment.

Our global, multi-year D&I strategy has three areas of focus:

  • Colleagues: Foster an inclusive and respectful workplace where all employees can contribute to their full potential.
  • Clients: Better reflect and therefore anticipate the unique needs of our Clients across all lines of business and locations.
  • Communities: Better support the communities in which we operate, and conduct business with suppliers who share our commitment to social responsibility.

2019 Goals:

  • Accelerate leadership commitment, accountability and visibility both internally and externally
  • Reinforce inclusion behaviours through talent and development
  • Enhance inclusion capability at all levels globally through education

2018 Sustainability Report

See our sustainability commitments in action.

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