We are committed to maintaining strong corporate governance practices and ethical behaviour throughout our organization. Proactive risk management and an embedded risk culture are also essential to our long-term success.

Ethics, integrity and corporate governance

Acting responsibly is an integral part of the Sun Life culture. We are committed to maintaining high standards of business ethics and integrity, as demonstrated through our best-in-class corporate governance practices that balance the interests of company management, the Board of Directors, shareholders, Clients and other stakeholders.

Gender balance is also a priority: Our Board has a diversity policy that includes provisions relating to identifying and nominating women to be directors, and has a target of having women comprise at least 30% of our directors; we exceeded that target in 2018.

Our people are guided by strong, clear standards and expectations articulated in Sun Life’s Code of Business Conduct. All employees and directors must comply with the Code and complete mandatory annual training on it. Employees also complete mandatory annual training on other key Sun Life policies and guidelines.

Risk management

Risk management is critical to our overall profitability, competitive market positioning and long-term financial viability, so we can meet our commitments to our Clients and other stakeholders. As a large financial services organization operating in a complex industry, Sun Life is exposed to various risks, including sustainability-related risks such as climate change, occupational health and safety, and data security.

Our Risk Management Framework prescribes a comprehensive set of protocols and programs for conducting our business activities. Our Risk Appetite Policy sets out specific constraints that define the aggregate level of risk that Sun Life is willing to accept.

Effectively managing environmental risks, including those related to climate change, is important for our long-term sustainability, and we consider these as part of our risk management practices.

Please refer to our Annual Report for 2018 highlights and additional information.

2018 Sustainability Report

See our sustainability commitments in action.

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