As a company with many connections to communities around the world, we believe we play a role in their development and well-being. Our goal is to build more sustainable, healthier communities where we all live and work, helping to improve the lives of individuals and families.

Strategic philanthropy

We lead and invest in high-impact philanthropic programs around the world, drawing on our resources, talent, networks and strategic partnerships with community organizations. Since 2012, diabetes has been our global priority. We have made a major commitment to combating this rapidly growing global health concern through our Team Up Against Diabetes platform, a targeted and co-ordinated strategy with an emphasis on diabetes awareness, prevention, care and research.

Each year, our employees donate money and thousands of volunteer hours to charities. We empower our employees to get involved in their communities and support them in several ways, depending on local needs.

2019 Goals:

  • Enhance transparency and reporting of metrics related to community wellness activities

Infrastructure investments

Sun Life has been and continues to be a long-term investor in infrastructure. With the enormous societal need for infrastructure spending to improve everything from hospitals and transportation to power generation, collaboration and co-financing among private and public partners is essential to build large-scale sustainable projects. We work closely with governments, other businesses, local communities and Clients to help bring such projects to fruition and ensure they achieve strong sustainable value.

In recent years, we have increased our portfolio of investments to support sustainable development and have aligned our infrastructure investments into the following sustainability categories:

Renewable Energy

Clean Transportation

Green Buildings

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Water Management

Access to Essential Services

2019 Goals:

  • Increase data and analytics related to tracking and managing our sustainable portfolio

Public policy

In an industry subject to significant regulation – and in light of the influence that government policy has on public health – we believe it is important to contribute our views and experience to public policy debates on important issues that directly affect our Clients, employees and communities. We actively engage with governments and regulators to share our views, as well as the perspectives of our Clients, employees and communities, to inform public policy debates. Wherever we operate, we comply with local lobbying laws and regulations and are committed to being transparent about our public policy positions and activities.

2018 Goals

  • Continue to work with the federal and provincial governments to help ensure that prescription drugs are affordable and accessible to all Canadians Result: Achieved
  • Collaborate with the Canadian federal government on approaches to enable insurers to help enhance Canada’s competitiveness and innovation through investments in technology and infrastructure Result: Achieved

2019 Goals

  • Work with federal and provincial governments on health innovation initiatives that will bring value to Canadians
  • Work with governments and regulators to ensure that Canadians have the necessary tools to plan and save for their retirement and long-term financial security
  • Continue to participate in discussions with U.S. lawmakers regarding the value of leveraging private insurers in government-mandated paid family and medical leave programs

2018 Sustainability Report

See our sustainability commitments in action.

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