The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management of the business and affairs of Sun Life, with each director contributing to the long-term success of the enterprise.

William D. Anderson, FCPA, FCA
Sun Life Financial Inc.

Dean A. Connor
President &
Chief Executive Officer,
Sun Life Financial Inc.

Stephanie L. Coyles
Corporate Director

Martin J. G. Glynn
Corporate Director

Ashok K. Gupta
Corporate Director

M. Marianne Harris
Corporate Director

Sara Grootwassink Lewis, CPA, CFA
Corporate Director

James M. Peck
Corporate Director

Scott F. Powers
Corporate Director

Hugh D. Segal, OC, OONT, CD
Corporate Director

Barbara G. Stymiest, FCPA, FCA
Corporate Director

The Board of Directors serves both Sun Life Financial Inc. and Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. With the exception of the Chief Executive Officer, Dean A. Connor, all of the directors are independent, according to the
  Director Independence Policy.

The Board strives for continuous improvement in its corporate governance processes and practices. These are reviewed regularly to ensure consistency with evolving best practices as well as regulations such as:

  • Sun Life's governing statute
  • Insurance Companies Act (Canada)
  • Canadian Securities Administrators' Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • New York Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Rules
  • Guidelines for Effective Corporate Governance in Federally Regulated Financial Institutions, issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

Detailed information about our Board governance practices, including the Board's mandate and policy on majority voting, can be found in the  Charter of the Board of Directors. Our corporate governance practices are also described in the  Management Information Circular. Director nomination requirements, including advance notice of nominations, are set out in the  By-laws. The standards and processes for determining the independence of directors are outlined in the Director Independence Policy.

In keeping with its commitment to good governance processes and practices, the Board has adopted a  Proxy Access Policy, which sets out the process for qualifying shareholders to submit director nominations to be included in our proxy circular and form of proxy.

Access our constating documents and By-laws below:

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